Is the Big Future Scholarship Legit or a Scam?

The BigFuture Scholarship, associated with the College Board, is a notable scholarship opportunity for students. By examining available information, we can evaluate the legitimacy of this scholarship.

Evidence of Legitimacy

  • Reputable Source: The College Board, a well-known organization in the education sector, administers the BigFuture Scholarship
  • Third-Party Validation: Discussions on platforms like Reddit indicate that students have engaged with and received the BigFuture Scholarship
  • Transparency: The scholarship’s details and application process are clearly outlined on the official College Board website, enhancing its credibility

Cautionary Notes

  • Scam Awareness: While the BigFuture Scholarship appears legitimate based on available information, it is essential for students to remain vigilant and cautious when applying for scholarships.

The Big Future Scholarship is a topic of interest, and it’s essential to evaluate its legitimacy. Let’s explore what we know:

  1. BigFuture by College Board:
  2. User Testimonials:
    • According to testimonies, people have successfully navigated through post-high school decisions with the help of Big Future2.
  3. Cautionary Measures:
    • While BigFuture is legitimate, always exercise caution when dealing with scholarships.
    • Be wary of scams, especially those promising unrealistic benefits or requesting personal information.
    • Avoid consultants who charge fees for advice that you can obtain for free from high school counselors and college financial aid officers.

In summary, BigFuture is a trustworthy resource, but as with any scholarship, applicants should verify details and avoid unnecessary expenses.


The BigFuture Scholarship, facilitated by the College Board, emerges as a credible opportunity for students seeking financial assistance for their education. With its association with a reputable organization and transparent application process, this scholarship holds promise for eligible applicants.

In summary, the BigFuture Scholarship seems to be a legitimate opportunity for students to pursue financial support for their educational endeavors. Applicants should conduct thorough research and adhere to best practices when engaging with scholarship opportunities.

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