There are various high-income jobs you can do in Canada without a degree.

There are a lot of job opportunities in Canada, no matter the skill or professional experience you have.

Even though 30% of Canadian adults have a degree, employers still look for qualified individuals without a degree.

Canada’s job market is under pressure because there aren’t enough qualified local workers to fill all the open positions.

This makes Canada accept new immigrants who are talented and skilled foreign professionals eager to live and work there.

This is because of the aging rate and retiring workforce in Canada. The government has created various immigration and work permit programs to ease the process.

You only need the correct information and the best immigration opportunity.

This article will explain all you need to know about the high-income jobs you can do in Canada without a degree.


High-income jobs you can do in Canada without a degree

The various decent and well-paying jobs that you can do without having a degree in the field are listed below;

1. Mobile app developers

Average salary: $80,778 yearly

Mobile app developers support the application’s life cycles throughout, from the design to the release stage.

They create particular needs, provide solutions, and design interfaces in addition to producing functional mobile apps.

They also detect application issues and correct them to improve users’ experience.

They also interact with product developers since they are both involved in designing and developing new application features.

Additional duties include keeping up with technological developments and suggesting new mobile applications, products, and protocols.

2. Maintenance administrator

Average salary: $76,025 yearly

A maintenance administrator develops and implements maintenance processes, inspects facilities, spots problems and finds solutions.

They must plan and organize all construction repairs and installations.

They maintained the hydraulic and electrical systems of a building.

They monitor maintenance budgets, costs, equipment, and relationships with contractors and service providers.

3. Accounting clerk

Average salary: $21.26 per hour

Accounting clerks’ primary responsibilities include providing accounting and clerical assistance to the accounting department.

They often create and manage accounting records and documents.

Also, accounting clerks create bank deposits, statements, and ledger postings.

Accounting clerks need specific skills, such as bookkeeping expertise, database proficiency, understanding of financial reporting, and organizational skills, to carry out these duties.

4. Dental assistants

Average salary: $23.92 per hour

The dental assistant has to welcome patients to the office and, if needed, assemble and arrange dental instruments.

They also perform administrative tasks like maintaining medical records, managing and scheduling appointments, and making patient case files.

They maintained all dental equipment by sterilizing and cleaning before and after use. And also inquire about patients’ medical histories, clarify their post-operative care, and assure anxious patients before dental treatments.

Most dental offices don’t demand that candidates have prior work experience.

5. Executive chef 

Average salary: $63,788 yearly

Executive chefs have various duties, including organizing and supervising the cooking process. They ensure that the menus are of good quality and work on modifying or completely changing them.

Similarly, the executive chefs coordinate all kitchen staff activities and plan kitchen equipment purchases and repairs.

Finally, they address complaints or issues relating to meal services while providing estimations of food expenses and requirements to the supervisor.

6. Receptionist

Average salary: $16.94 per hour

Receptionists’ primary duties include greeting, welcoming, and directing visitors as they arrive in a company or organization.

They make sure the reception area is tidy and has all the supplies and stationery needed.

A receptionist gives correct basic office information through phone calls and physical communication.

Some of the required technical skills needed by the receptionist to maintain office supplies are computers and photocopiers.

Besides, they need to be fluent, have clear written communication skills, multi-tasking skills, effective time management, and positive customer service behaviour.

7. Miners

Average salary: $21.71 per hour

Miners extract mineral resources such as ore, rocks, and coal underground. They help to build ways to facilitate entry and exit from the mines.

While moving the rocks and ore, they extract them to their final places above the ground and carefully control explosives to break huge boulders or ores into smaller and easier-to-transport parts.

In addition, they also ensure their coworker’s safety and the people around them.

8. Landscape technician

Average salary:/$21.28 per hour

Landscape technicians’ primary duties include mowing lawns, applying fertilizer, setting up sprinklers, assessing and caring for plant diseases.

They plant trees and bushes, design walkways and garden spaces, and track the development of plants and flowers.

Landscape specialists need to be able to operate machinery like lawnmowers, backpack sprayers, and weed eaters to carry out these jobs.

For them to be able to notice little changes in the flowers and bushes, landscape specialists also need sharp observational skills.

9. Theatre professionals

Average salary: $23.23 per hour

A theatre practitioner has to memorize songs, dances, and lines to enable a good and impressive performance.

However, they may improvise when the situation calls for it. They coordinate with their agents, set up auditions, and attend.

They also conduct character research before rehearsals, show up for wardrobe fittings, follow the director’s orders, and collaborate with other actors to improve their performances.

No degree is necessary because motivation, passion, and a desire to learn are enough to start a theatre practitioner.

10. Claims adjuster

Average salary: $51,987 yearly

A claim adjuster helps to examine the validity of insurance claims for property damage or bodily harm.

They gather information from many sources to assess insurance tasks based on the severity of the person’s or property’s damage.

Claims adjusters help to evaluate and interview claimants, engineers, and witnesses while carrying out this duty. They also discuss with policyholders.

They decide if the insurance policies cover the harm after the evaluation procedure.

They figure out the required payment based on where it is. Processing claims, creating reports on them, and paying settlements with claimants are additional duties.

11. Translator

Average salary: $23.71 yearly

The translator’s job is to convert audio and different language text recordings. They translate texts into several languages while preserving the tone and content that the original text communicates.

They also examine the original text, do background research on industry jargon, and edit translations for accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

To assess the quality of the translation, they create subtitles for both online and video presentations and cross-reference specialized dictionaries and translation resources.

Although a degree in the language you’re translating into can only be an added advantage, it is not necessary for this position.

12. Warehouse worker

Average salary: $16.46 per hour

Warehouse workers’ task is to prepare and complete pick-up or delivery orders. Their task includes loading, packing, wrapping, labelling, and shipping.

They are in charge of processing and receiving products for the warehouse. The same goes for loading, labelling, and supplying the goods.

They also carry out inventory controls and uphold a high quality for their audits.

The requirements for warehouse workers include good organizational skills, creativity and understanding of warehousing procedures and practices, and a current forklift license.

13. Conductor

Average salary: $85,393 yearly

Train conductors’ duties include dividing or reuniting train carriages and advising locomotive engineers whether to depart from a station, stop, or slow down.

Besides, they are in charge of ticket sales and ensuring that everyone has a valid ticket before boarding the train.

They also maintain order in the carriages and need a broad understanding of the railway system and the ability to stand for extended periods.

They also need to be skilled communicators and decision-makers due to continuous passenger interactions.

14. Nuclear power reactor operator

Average salary: $88,253 yearly

A nuclear power reactor operator is in charge of managing the reactor’s control rods.

They regulate the amount of electricity a nuclear reactor generates and monitor the cooling systems, reactors, turbines, and generators while making necessary adjustments to their performance.

Nuclear reactor operators respond clearly when abnormalities happen by determining the causes and taking the necessary actions. Often, this position does not require any prior experience.

15. Plumber

Average salary: $30 per hour

The trade sector is among the well-paying, reasonably stable jobs. Plumbers can serve various clients, including those in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

A two to three-year apprenticeship and specialized training are required for this job. This offers valuable hands-on training and is faster than a university degree.

They can work for construction and maintenance organizations or establish their industries.

It will take more time to train and study if you want to provide plumbing installation and repair services on significant properties like factories and building sites.

16. Real estate agent 

Average salary: $46,212 yearly

The Canadian housing market is one sector that appears unstoppable.

Real estate agents build successful careers by helping people to get a suitable home as they search for affordable homes in both large cities and now smaller areas.

They assist people seeking to purchase, sell, rent, or lease properties and receive huge salaries from real estate companies and commissions.

To work in the industry, prospective real estate agents must complete an approved training course and satisfy all requirements set forth by their respective province governing body.

Real estate agents can work for various property management firms or start independent real estate firms.

17. Flight attendant

Average salary: $25.60 per hour

Being a flight attendant will allow you to lift off and travel the world while advancing your professional career.

A flight attendant is a person who works for a commercial airline and gives directions, safety advice, and service to passengers on the flight.

Their role is to ensure passenger safety and happiness before taking off on a flight until they get to their destination.

Their job role requires good communication and interpersonal skills because they will be interacting with passengers.

Besides, they serve as the main channel of communication with the passenger.

The training programs required by Transport Canada must be completed by anybody interested in working as a flight attendant. Some airlines may also have additional requirements, such as first aid certification.

18. Mechanic 

Average salary: $30.00 per hour

Economy changes do not stop people from driving cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Vehicles are repaired and serviced by mechanics to guarantee proper, safe, and effective operation.

Mechanics have to complete their auto mechanics training programs before getting a license. It also includes learning to improve the required daily practical skills.

They can open a repair shop or work as independent contractors for motorists needing on-site services. They can also work for big auto mechanic companies and earn a substantial hourly wage.

They must undergo further training and obtain the relevant credentials to work on trucks, transport vehicles, and other large classes of cars.

19. Sales representative 

Average salary: $15 per hour

Sales representatives attend to customers, give recommendations, help to select the right products and try to know their needs in the process.

They conduct business in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. Depending on the employer, especially in retail, it may be a minimum wage rate, but it can also rise high.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are necessary for a sales career.

They are involved directly with customers daily. Thus they have to be patient and understanding when dealing with customers.

20. IT project manager 

Average salary: $35.00 per hour

IT project managers have to monitor the project’s progress, interact with technology teams and assist with technical issues.

They also maintain bug issues and assist with the rollout of new features and products.

A technical background must know how new features and products integrate with old technology.


Not having a degree should not restrict you from earning high.

Not all jobs require a degree; some prefer candidates with the right skills, experience, and background information.

Looking forward to working in Canada without a degree should not be a problem.

The 20 High-income jobs you can do in Canada without a degree are listed above.