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Sociology, the study of human society and behavior, is a captivating field that delves into the complexities of social interactions and structures. If you have a keen interest in understanding human behavior, you might wonder if the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) offers sociology as a course.

This informative article provides a detailed overview of NOUN’s sociology program, the curriculum it offers, eligibility criteria, and the benefits of pursuing sociology at NOUN. Let’s explore if NOUN offers sociology as a course!

Does NOUN Offer Sociology as a Course?

Yes, NOUN indeed offers sociology as an engaging and comprehensive course for students interested in exploring the dynamics of human societies. The sociology program at NOUN provides students with valuable insights into sociological theories, research methodologies, and the societal factors that shape human behavior.

Benefits of Pursuing Sociology at NOUN

Pursuing sociology at NOUN comes with various benefits that contribute to a fulfilling educational experience:

1. Flexible Learning Options

NOUN offers flexible learning options, allowing students to balance their academic pursuits with personal and professional commitments.

2. Relevant and Updated Curriculum

The sociology program’s curriculum is regularly updated to align with the latest developments in the field, ensuring students receive relevant knowledge.

3. Experienced Faculty

NOUN’s sociology faculty comprises experienced and knowledgeable educators who are passionate about nurturing the next generation of sociologists.

4. Practical Application

The program emphasizes practical application, enabling students to analyze real-world social issues and propose effective solutions.

5. Access to Online Resources

NOUN provides students with access to an extensive online library and resources, enriching their learning journey.

6. Research Opportunities

NOUN encourages students to engage in research projects, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

7. Supportive Learning Environment

Students at NOUN experience a supportive learning environment, encouraging academic growth and personal development.

Eligibility Criteria for NOUN’s Sociology Course

To be eligible for NOUN’s sociology course, aspiring students must meet certain criteria. Here are the key requirements:

– Educational Qualifications

Applicants should possess a minimum educational qualification, such as a high school diploma or its equivalent.

– Admission Screening Test

Prospective students may be required to take an admission screening test, which evaluates their aptitude and readiness for the program.

– Application Process

Applicants must complete the NOUN application process, including the submission of required documents and payment of the application fee.

– Meeting Cut-Off Marks

NOUN sets cut-off marks for its various programs, and students must meet the specified cut-off marks for the sociology course.

– English Proficiency

As NOUN’s medium of instruction is English, students must demonstrate proficiency in the language through language tests or prior education in English-speaking institutions.

The Sociology Curriculum at NOUN

NOUN’s sociology curriculum is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of social phenomena and human interactions. Here’s an overview of the key subjects covered:

1. Introduction to Sociology

Students are introduced to the fundamental concepts, theories, and pioneers of sociology.

2. Social Research Methods

This subject equips students with the skills to conduct sociological research, including data collection and analysis.

3. Social Institutions

Students explore various social institutions such as family, education, religion, and politics and their impact on society.

4. Social Change and Development

This course examines the processes and factors influencing social change and development.

5. Gender and Society

Students analyze the role of gender in shaping social interactions and structures.

6. Criminology and Deviance

This subject delves into the study of crime, deviance, and its implications on society.

7. Sociology of Health and Illness

Students explore the sociological aspects of health, illness, and healthcare systems.

8. Environmental Sociology

This course focuses on the relationship between society and the environment, addressing environmental issues and sustainability.

9. Globalization and Society

Students examine the impact of globalization on societies around the world.

10. Social Policy and Welfare

This subject explores social policies and welfare programs implemented by governments to address societal challenges.

11. Social Psychology

Students study the psychological factors influencing individual behavior within social contexts.

12. Urban Sociology

This course examines the dynamics of urbanization and its effects on communities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ 1: What are the career opportunities after completing sociology at NOUN?

Graduates in sociology from NOUN can pursue various career paths, including social work, research, policy analysis, community development, and human resources.

FAQ 2: Is NOUN’s sociology degree recognized?

Yes, NOUN’s sociology degree is recognized and accredited by relevant educational bodies, ensuring its validity and credibility in the job market.

FAQ 3: Can I study sociology online at NOUN?

Yes, NOUN offers its sociology program through online learning, providing flexibility for students to study from anywhere.

FAQ 4: What sets NOUN’s sociology program apart?

NOUN’s sociology program stands out due to its updated curriculum, flexible learning options, and emphasis on practical application.

FAQ 5: Are there scholarships available for sociology students at NOUN?

NOUN offers scholarships and financial aid options for eligible students, including those pursuing sociology.

FAQ 6: Can international students apply for sociology at NOUN?

Yes, NOUN welcomes applications from international students for its sociology program, subject to meeting the specified requirements.


In conclusion, NOUN offers an enriching sociology program that provides students with a profound understanding of societal dynamics and human behavior. The flexible learning options, experienced faculty, and relevant curriculum make NOUN an excellent choice for aspiring sociologists. If you have a passion for unraveling the complexities of human societies, consider embarking on your academic journey in sociology at the National Open University of Nigeria.

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