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JAMB Agric Science questions and Answers

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Texture of the soil is characterised as

A. distribution of soil particles of various diameters

B. soil particulate arrangement in a soil sample

C. the rate of water and oxygen movement through the soil

D. soil particulate distribution in a sample

Slate originates from

A. Schist

B. Sandstone

C. Shale

D. Gnesis

Other than the following, soil can be evacuated in the following ways:

A. irrigation

B. channels

C. channels

D. porous pipelines

Which soil profile stratum does not support biological activity?

A. progenitor material

B. D-horizon

C. C-horizon

D. B-horizon

Which of the following is not a consequence of poorly-drained soil?

A. mottling close to the peak

B. reduction in root depth

C. alteration in the pigmentation of the subsoil

D. decrease in organic matter content

Except for the following, the common surveying apparatus for farmland includes the following:

A. Ranging pole

B. prismatic compass

C. gunters necklace

D. spade

7. When establishing pastures, it is ideal to:

A. only sow cereals

B. only cultivate legumes

C. sow a combination of cereals and legumes

D. permit the growth of native grasses

8. The distance between two consecutive yam mounds should be approximately

A. 0.1m

B. 1.00m



Which of the following functions of ruminal microorganisms is not correct?

A. Hydrolysis of cellulose

B. transformation of plant-protein

C. synthesis of vitamin B

D. Gas production in the remen

The portion of the ruminant stomach that secretes digestive fluids is the

A. rumen

B. reticulum

C. omasum

D. paunch


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11. The most crucial of all production parameters in crop farming is

A. labour

B. capital

C. territory

D. management

Which of these agricultural animals is considered to be monogastric?

A. Goat.

B. Pig.

C. Cow.

D. Sheep.

13. The act of mating in poultry is known as copulation.

A. providing

B. kidding

C. tupping

D. stepping

14. A sign of heat in agricultural animals includes

A. profuse salivation

B. vulvovaginal secretions

C. trouble in respiration

D. continuous urination.

15. The anti-sterility vitamin in animal nutrition is folic acid

A. vitamin K

B. vitamin E

C. vitamin C

D. vitamin B.

16. Typically, the relative humidity in an incubator is tuned to

A. 10% – 30%

B. 40% – 60%

C. 70% – 80%

D. 90% – 100%.

17. A significant sweet potato pest whose larvae decimate the plant’s foliage is

A. leaf miners

B. weevils mea

C. mealy insects

Aphids belonging to species D.

18. Soil fertility under forest is maintained primarily by

A. nutrient recycling

B. rodent activities

C. being shielded from the sun’s direct radiation

D. preventing rainfall from striking the soil directly.

19. The Mendelian law of segregation states that characteristics concealed in an F1 generation reappear in a ratio in the F2 generation.

A. 1: 2

B. 2: 2

C. 1 : 3

D. 3: 2

19 The strain of sheep that is widespread in Nigeria is

A. Yankasa

B. Uda

West African miniature ewe

D. Balami.

A heifer is a female cattle that has not given birth to a calf or developed into a mature bovine.

A. stag

B. vealers

C. yealing

D. heifer

22. Population growth is the primary factor necessitating the expansion of agriculture.

A. rainfalls

B. populace

C. personnel

D. animal power

Which of the following groups of commodities is primarily grown in Nigeria’s rainforest zone?

A. Millet, sweet potato, and coconut

B. Corn, cacao, and cassava

C. Sorghum, yam, and date

Wheat, Irish potato, and peanut

24. In domesticated animals, gonads are reproductive organs.

A. circulation

B. excrement

C. respiration

Reproduction of D.

Which of the following combinations of agricultural inputs promotes produce health?

A. Tractor and currency

Irrigation and fertiliser are B.

Work bull and equipment

D. Sword and pouches

When producers engage in both plant and animal husbandry, they are engaged in agriculture.

A. begin farming

B. combined framing

C. mixed cultivation

D. plant rotation

The form of demand that is elastic is one in which a change in price…

A. causes a greater shift in the quantity of products demanded.

B. of a commodity results in little or no demand change

C. results in a proportional change in commodity demand

D. cannot affect the quantity demanded of a commodity.

Typically, farm labour is measured in hours.

A. sum of compensation paid to employees

B. the number of hours or days worked by a labourer

C. education level of labour

D. type of labour performed.

A piece of information included in agricultural payroll records is

Date of first employment

B. equity-derived earnings

Total credit, or C.

D. Dividend

30. Retailers may manufacture artificial scarcity of products by

A. price increase

B. stockpiling

C. under producing

D. handling.

The most efficient means of disseminating information to producers is by means of

A. individual strategy

B. group technique

C. bulk technique

D. cooperative approach

32. The virus that causes avian influenza is a

A. bacterium

B. virus

C. fungus

D. protozoan.

The most effective method(s) for regulating fish capture is/are

Gill-netting and electrofishing are prohibited.

B. quota and mesh-size control

C. beach seine approach

D. dynamic netting

The duty of exposing producers to scientific information falls on

A. academic institution

B. agricultural settlers

C. agro-service centres

D. extension personnel

excluding the following agricultural production factors:

A. estate

B. territory

C. labour

D. capital

Answers to 2021 JAMB Agricultural Examination Questions
1. A 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. A 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. D 10. A

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