Legit NECO Civic Education Expo Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Theory and Objectives)

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NECO Civic Education Exam (Expo) Questions and Answers

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NECO Civic Education 2023 Answers

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The study of the theoretical, political, and practical aspects of citizenship, as well as its rights and responsibilities, constitutes civic education.


(i) Justice and Peace:

Civic education teaches us to respect one another’s beliefs and to regard one another as brothers or equals. Ethnic and religious superiority are a regrettable recurrence in contemporary society.

(ii) Patriotism:

Through civic education, we as citizens develop feelings of patriotism, loyalty, and attachment to our nation. Adherence to the laws of the land, promotion of moral values, avoidance of vices, and participation in the governance of the nation

(iii) Sustainable Development:

Civic education is structured to address the objectives of sustainable development, which can be summed up as social justice, ecological sustainability, good governance, and economic productivity.


(i) Home

(ii) School

(iii) Peer-group

(iv) Mass media


Civic duty refers to the actions that all citizens of a country are required to perform. Each country has its own distinct requirements for civic duty, so concepts applicable in one region may not be universal.


(i)Payment of taxes; An essential obligation of any citizen in any nation is to pay taxes to the government. A tax is an obligatory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers’ wages and business profits, or added to the price of certain products, services, and transactions.

(ii)Abiding by the state’s laws; law and order are prerequisites for every society. Therefore, in order to maintain law and order, every citizen must observe the laws of the land. It is expected that citizens will respect and comply with federal, state, and local laws.

Citizens are expected to take part in the state’s political process. The citizen is required to vote and is also eligible to be voted for if he or she runs for political office. It is expected that citizens participate actively in the democratic process.

(iv)Protection of public property; it is the responsibility of every citizen to safeguard state property. Governments spend a substantial amount of tax dollars on the creation of public properties for the state. As a result, citizens are expected to maintain these properties.


Selflessness is the quality of selfless concern for the welfare of others; the quality of putting others before oneself and being willing to sacrifice time, money, or effort for the benefit of others.


Integrity is the attribute of being truthful and possessing strong moral principles. It is also the quality of not being corrupt but instead being inspiring and equitable in one’s actions.


The state of being satisfied with one’s existence and possessions is contentment. A person is said to be content if he or she does not always want everything to themselves.


(i) Encouraging citizen participation in government: The quality of service provided by public services would be vastly improved if citizens participated in governance and had channels for voicing complaints and providing feedback. This participatory governance promotes accountability by putting public enterprise members and administrators on notice.

The Code of Conduct Bureau is authorised by the Constitution to assist the Federal Government in preventing unethical conduct, abuse of office, and other forms of corruption within the public service. Reforming the public service ensures that all agencies are entirely independent and free of political interference, allowing the provisions of the Code of Conduct to be enforced and corruption to be halted.

Due to their modest salaries and compensation packages, public servants are the least motivated to work. The government must review the compensation of its employees. When public servants are compensated at a rate commensurate with the cost of living, they will be more dedicated to their work, resulting in enhanced services.

(iv) Use of technology in the public sector The public sector in Nigeria continues to rely on traditional methods to carry out its duties. It is extremely difficult for the public sector to keep up with technological standards in today’s world. The government must invest in technological and informational instruments to enhance the quality of its services.

The inefficiency of public servants in Nigeria is attributable to a lack of training and inadequate human development and management. The government should also invest in the excellence of the school system’s education.


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The questions and answers listed below are NECO past questions and answers that will assist you on the 2022 NECO Civic Education Exam.

1. The legal authority to compel others to comply is

(a) Authoritarian

(b) Constitution

(c) Power

(d) Law

(e) Sovereignty

2. The organisation in charge of issuing driving licences is

(a) Federal Highway Administration

(b) National Union of Highway Transportation Employees

(c) Immigration Service of Nigeria

(d) Nigeria Police force

Vehicle Inspection Agency

3. Which of the following is a method of preventing cultism?

a) Substance Abuse Should Be Encouraged

b) Religious and moral education should be eliminated from the curriculum.

(c) Students should be permitted to join any organisation.

Students must be counselled about the dangers of cultism.

4. The Nigerian organisation tasked with combating substance abuse is

(a) Federal Highway Administration

(b) The Food and Drug Administration and Control Agency

National Drug Law Enforcement Administration

Agency for National Orientation

Security and Civil Defence corps of Nigeria.

5. Civil Society organisations contribute to the capacity of citizens to discuss national issues.

(a) Concepts

(b) Incentives

(c) Policies

(d) Programmes

(e) Resources​​

6. Constitutional revision and amendment falls under the exclusive purview of the

(a) Electorate

(b) Executive

(c) Judiciary

(d) Legislature

(e) Presidency​​

7. The most effective method of conflict resolution in society is

(a) Containment

(b) Counselling

(c) Legal action

(d) Dialogue

(e) Retaliation​​

8. The skill-acquisition venture that necessitates substantial funding to launch is

(a) Barbing

(b) Forgeworking

(c) Brickwork

(d) Tailcoat

(e) Welding

9. The Nigeria Police Act of 1964 specifies the following duties with the exception of:

(a) Apprehension of criminals

b) Bribery and corrupt practises

(c) Criminal prevention and detention

(d) Protection of property and life

(e) maintenance of law and order

10. Which of the following groups is not anticipated to protest government policies?

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

b) Market Women’s Association

c) The National Council of Women’s Societies

(d) Nigeria Football Federation

(e) Nigeria Financial Institutions​​

11. Socially acceptable behaviour is defined as

(a) Decorum

(b) Incompetence

(c) Lawlessness

(d) Smartness

(e) Burglary

12. Participation in the majority of a nation’s political activities is known as popular participation.

(a) Acculturation

(b) Direction

(c) Participation

(d) Selection

(e) Socialisation

13. A preventive measure against HIV/AIDS transmission is

(a) Unfaithfulness to one’s spouse

(b) syringe sharing

(c) the utilisation of sterile objects

(d) blood transfusion without screening

(f) unprotected sexual activity

14. Other than the following, drugs can be abused in the following ways:

(a) Consuming

(b) Breathing

(c) wiping

(d) smoking

(e) snuffing​​

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15. Not one of the following is a goal of citizenship education.

(a) Political participation

b) Political indifference

(c) Political effectiveness

d) Respect for established authority

(e) Religious tolerance

16. Which of the following statements about human trafficking is false?

(a) Every nation on earth is impacted by human trafficking.

(b) It is the abuse of power or a position for the purpose of exploiting the weak.

(c) The majority of victims are male

(d) traffickers profit from illegal activity

(e) victims are recruited by coercion or deceit

17. A symbol used by political parties for identification purposes is called a

(a) Flier

(b) logo

(c) manifesto

(d) Poster

(e) slogan

18. To gain their children’s trust, parents should ask them inquiries.

(a) Close-ended

(b) General

(c) Implicit

(d) Open-ended

(e) Unspecific

19. Citizenship can be granted to a foreigner who has lived in Nigeria for 21 years if he or she meets certain requirements.

(a) Origin

(b) Praise

(c) Conquest

(d) Naturalisation

(e) Registration

20. The purpose of queuing culture is to promote social order in the community.

(a) Rivalry

(b) disorderliness

(c) Covetousness

(d) decorum

(e) respect

21. Which of the following is not a method of preventing cultism in our society?

(a) Effective residential training

b) Effective leadership

(c) Legislation regarding cults

(d) Arms Proliferation

(e) Maintaining societal values

22. In the classification of roads, feeder roads fall under government oversight.

(a) District (b) Federal (c) Local (d) Regional (e) State

23. Other than the following methods, drug abuse can be mitigated by:

(a) avoiding poor company (b) a counselling programme (c) the passage of laws (d) self-medication (e) parental supervision

24. Which of the following does not explain citizens’ participation in a state’s political activities?

(a) Attending party meetings (b) Belonging to a political party (c) Being a member of a pressure group (d) Running for office (e) Registration as a voter

25. Except for the following characteristics, interpersonal relationships are promoted by the following characteristics.

(a) Compassion (b) Jealousy (c) Integrity (d) Goodness (e) Patience

26. Good values emphasise the requirement to be

(a) Condescending (b) Conservative (c) Generous (d) Selfish (e) Miserly

Which of the following is not a legitimate method of voter recruitment? Use of

(a) Campaign (b) Logo (c) Manifesto (d) Rallies (e) criminal activity

28. Which of the following is not a goal of adolescent empowerment initiatives? To/For​​

A. Youth reorientation of their attitudes. B. create avenue for financial misappropriation C. expose youths to talent development. D. offer occupational instruction. E. stimulate entrepreneurial development.​​

29. Citizenship education enables a person to become all of the following except

A. Charismatic. B. Original C. Effective D. Accountable E. Unpatriotic

30. The capacity of an individual to devote time and resources to a cause is known as altruism. A. A. Dedication B. Love C. Sincerity D. Tolerance E. Confidence.

31. Which of the following does not increase employment opportunities? ​​ A. Good medical attention B. Grants and loans C. Stable electrical supply D. Inconsistent government E. Utilise advanced technology.

32. Parenthood is characterised by the concept of a/an

​​ A. genealogy B. racial or ethnic group C. The household D. community E. village

33. Which of the following does not constitute a violation of human rights?​​

​​ A. Child smuggling B. Extrajudicial executions C.incarceration of convicted criminals D. Restriction of the right to free speech E. Restriction on the freedom to travel.

34. A is the capacity to do what is proper regardless of external pressure. Integrity B. individuality C. D. intolerance based on a religious perspective. The spiritual E. Rigid transparency.

35. Which of the following is comparable to substance abuse? A. Application of sutures to injuries B. Utilising body fragrance C. Employing diclofenac D. Consumption of carbonated beverages E. Personal medical care

36. Which of the following results from cultism?

A. Financial hardship B. Under-development C. Religious crisis D. The pursuit of knowledge E. Unanticipated demise

37. When adolescents are equipped with the appropriate skills, it contributes to the reduction of poverty and ____ in the community. A. crimes B. illness C. advancement D. self-awareness e. self-pity

38. Not one of the following is a characteristic of civil society. They

(a) Are formed by individuals with similar viewpoints (b) are independent of the government (c) are pressure groups (d) support all government policies and decisions (e) rely more on persuasion than coercion.

39. Which of the following is not a rationale for the establishment of confraternities in Nigerian universities?

(a) Reducing societal issues (b) Interrupting academic activities (c) listening to students’ complaints (d) promoting indigenous African culture (e) utilising dialogue to resolve disputes

40. Which Nigerian political party uses the term ‘power’ in its slogan?

(a) the All Progressive Congress (b) the Alliance for Democracy (c) the Labour Party (d) the People’s Democratic Party (e) the People’s Redemption party

41. The notion of public servant impartiality implies that he or she must be

(a) Controversial with superior officers (b) Loyal to any government (c) Desperate to lead (d) Career-long (e) Politically biassed

42. Which of the following pairings is crucial to our relationships with other people?

(a) Cheating and trust

43. A citizen’s obligation is to

(a) Acquire wealth through illicit means; (b) be indifferent to political activities; (c) contribute to the development of society; and (e) engage in antisocial behaviour.

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44. In Nigeria’s political system, elections are held every year.

(a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) ​​ 5 (e) 6

45. Who among the following is responsible for human trafficking?

(a) all NGOs rehabilitating rescued victims (b) transporting victims unknowingly (c) government agencies tasked with preventing the act (d) government officials employing victims as housemaids (e) parents who are unaware of the crime.

46. Which of the following positions within the legislative branch is not elected?​​ \

(a) Chief Whip (b) House Clerk (c) Majority Leader (d) Senate President (e) House Speaker

47. The All Progressive Congress derives from

(a) the Action Congress of Nigeria, the Labour Party, and the Kowa Party

b) The All Progressives Grand Alliance, the Democratic Movement Party, and the Accord Party

Alliance for Democracy, Party of Conscience, and Independent Democrat.

(d) Congress for Progressive Change, the Action Congress of Nigeria, and the entire Nigeria Peoples Party

e) The New Democratic Party, the People’s Redemption Party, and the Action Alliance.

48. Drug abuse symptoms do not include

(a) Hyperactivity (b) Appetite loss (c) mental orderliness (d) diminished sexual desire (e) Insomnia

49. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the following are fundamental liberties, excluding the right to:

(a) Slavery (b) Freedom (c) Life (d) nondiscrimination (e) Safety

50. Stigmatisation of HIV-positive individuals can result in

(a) fame (b) a prosperous future (c) self-actualization (d) self-worth (e) social isolation

51. The public servant is part of the government’s arsenal.

(a) Executive (b) Judicial (c) Legislative (d) Parliamentary (e) Presidential​​

52. The most essential element that stimulates social development is

(a) Cooperation

53. Which form of government permits few individuals to control the means of production?

(a) Capitalism (b) Communalism (c) Communism (d) Feudalism (e) Socialism

54. Other than the foregoing, drug abuse involves:

(a) continued drug use despite adverse effects (b) self-administration of the drug (c) prescription drug use (d) exceeding prescribed dosage (e) using drugs in medically unacceptable ways

55. Participation in the populace can be defined as

(a) involvement of the elite in all societal activities; (b) gradual participation of citizens in community activities; (c) grassroots participation in politics; (d) partial participation in politics by all qualified citizens; and (e) voluntary participation of the majority in the political activities of their country.

56. Parental responsibility is essential because it

(a) It ensures religious and ethnic tolerance (b) It creates dysfunctional families (c) It prevents children from acquiring skills (d) It prepares young women for single parenthood (e) It prepares young males to be dependent

57. The Human Rights and Democracy Centre was established in

(a) 1991 (b) 1992 (c) 1993 (d) 1994 (e) 1995

58. What colour is this ribbon that represents the HIV/AIDS awareness campaign?

(a) Blue

59. The objective of youth empowerment programmes is to foster skill development.

Cultural (b) life-coping (c) political (d) religious (e) social​​

60. Citizens who endure the tribulations of government policy with fortitude exhibit the trait of

(a) Dedication (b) Loyalty (c) Tenacity (d) Respect (e) Self-Regulation

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