NISM Series II-B (Mock Test) Past Questions and Answers PDF

NISM Series II-B is a certification examination for Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents (Mutual Funds).

To prepare for this exam, candidates can use various study materials, including mock tests, question banks, and workbooks. Here is a comprehensive guide on NISM Series II-B (Mock Test) Past Questions and Answers PDF:

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NISM Workbook: and also offers a NISM workbook that covers the test objectives and the whole syllabus of NISM.

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Last Day Revision Test: and provides a last day revision test for NISM Series II-B in PDF format. 

The question bank contains questions that will help not only to pass the exams easily but also get good knowledge of the subject. The online mock exams contain questions that are similar to the actual exam




Question 1
_______ capital is/are for perpetuity from the point of view of the company.



Both debt and equity
Question 2
Equity capital gives returns to the investors in the form of:

(a) Dividend

(b) Capital Appreciation

Both (a) and (b)
Question 3
The interest that a company will have to pay on the debt raised will depend upon its_______.

Default Risk

Market Risk

Liquidity Risk
Question 4
Debt capital is always raised for short-term periods. State whether True or False.


Question 5
Which of the following is a hybrid security?

Equity shares

Preference shares

Non-convertible debentures

All the options above
Question 6
_____ rights give the equity investor a say in the management of the company.



Both voting and dividend
Question 7
A 20 percent dividend declared on face value of Rs 10 and market price of Rs 120 translates into a dividend payout of _____.

Rs. 2.00

Rs. 24.00

Rs. 20.00

Rs. 12.00
Question 8
Preference shareholders get preference over debenture holders in the payment of dividend. State whether True or False.


Question 9
Which of the following is/are examples of corporate actions?


Bonus issue

Stock split

All the options above
Question 10
A company may issue additional shares to existing shareholders without any capital contribution from the shareholders based on the number of shares an investor holds. This is known as _______.

Bonus issue

Rights issue

Preferential issue
Question 11
_________ of a bond refers to the interest payable on a bond.


Inflation rate on Principal

Market Price

Face Value
Question 12
A bond with a higher credit rating will pay _______ interest rates.



Question 13
The prices of bonds are ________ related to interest rate movements.



Question 14
A zero coupon bond is always issued at a premium. State whether True or False.


Question 15
The YTM of a bond is the yield that investors will earn on holding a bond to maturity. State whether True or False.


Question 16
Warrants are usually issued along with _________.

Equity shares

Preference shares


Mutual funds
Question 17
The non-convertible portion of a partly convertible debenture is ________ on maturity.

Issued as new debenture

Repaid in cash

Converted into mutual fund units
Question 18
The stocks which underlie a Depository Receipt (DR) issue are held by a __________.

Depository Bank/ (Local Custodian)

Stock Exchanges

Registrars and Transfer Agents

Stock Brokers
Question 19
Holders of Depository Receipts do not have _______ rights.



Dividend and Voting

Capital appreciation
Question 20
The payment of interest and repayment of principal, in case of a Foreign Currency Convertible Bond (FCCB), is in foreign currency. State whether True or False.



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