How To Easily Pass WAEC with One Sitting (A1 Secrets Revealed)

It’s not as difficult to pass the WAEC or GCE with all As as some pupils make out. When I was in SS2, the majority of my friends and classmates also took the GCE. I earned six credits total, including further mathematics (B2), English (c6), and math (A1). The majority of the pupils I prepared for WAEC and GCE had nine credits and received As and Bs in every subject they wrote without experiencing any stress.

I taught my students using the same approach I did when I took my examinations sixteen years ago. I am aware that you have come here to learn the secrets to passing the WAEC in one sitting. And I’ll describe the strategy I employed for my most recent pupil, who received As on his GCE in SS2.

There are techniques that straight A students do employ to ace any exam, I’ve observed. And you must research and adopt their strategy if you wish to join such ranks.

Six Steps To Pass The WAEC Easily

Some subjects, including medicine and surgery, cannot be studied in one sitting without WAEC credits. Because of the large number of students that applied for those courses, this is the case. Making the WAEC or GCE criteria for one sitting is thus one method of reducing the number of candidates.

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Stay calm

One of the main causes of exam failure is students’ fear of the WAEC. You must continue to have faith in your abilities and capacity to pass the test. Starting your exam preparation early is one of the things you can do to increase your confidence.

When you prepare early, you can cover more important issues than when you prepare late. Late planning can make you more stressed out and ultimately result in subpar performance.

Find a source for previous examinations on the range of topics you wish to write about
You can get a sense of the format of WAEC questions from this. Back then, this approach was helpful to me in chemistry. I was aware of the appearance of the theoretical, objective, and practical chemistry questions.

And using the pattern of their previous questions that I had researched, I was able to identify the areas that WAEC liked to concentrate on a lot. As a result, I was forced to concentrate on the most crucial topics, which helped my reading be effective.

Look through the suggested textbooks

Choose the recommended textbooks to help you comprehend more quickly and with more clarity. For the practical side of chemistry at the time, a textbook was helpful.

I did quite well in chemistry after reading the practical book. Additionally, textbooks are necessary for you to comprehend some of the queries that you might find challenging to respond to. It becomes a part of you if you are able to comprehend it.

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Find out from your teachers how the WAEC awards points.


When I took my GCE back then, I distinctly recall that my professors explained to me how the WAEC awards marks. As an illustration, the practical portions of physics, chemistry, and biology account for 40% of the final grade while theory and objectives account for the remaining 60%. Your preparation will be aided by knowing this.

Additionally, a number of your teachers are WAEC examiners, so they are aware of the dos and don’ts of the WAEC. Take their advice seriously, and pay attention to any details they advise you to notice. They are tools you can use to lead yourself to success.

You must read the directions before responding to any questions.
Don’t attempt questions that are not intended for you, such as those in mathematics where certain questions belong to other nations.

Strive to be effective

Success belongs to those who put in a lot of effort in their studies. Working hard and being diligent are the only ways to achieve success.

Some students have asked me how to pass the WAEC maths exam, so I’d like to respond. Objective (50 questions) and theory categories are used for mathematics in the waec (this is divided into section A and section B).

If you can ensure that you receive at least a 35 out of 50 on the objective, you will be successful in the waec maths exam. Additionally, you must ensure that you correctly respond to 3 of the 5 mandatory questions in section A of the theory. The same is true for section B as well.

You must be knowledgeable in the following subjects to pass the WAEC Mathematics exam: algebra, simultaneous equations, probability, statistics, inequality, set, circle geometry, word problems, indices, etc.

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