11 Smart Ways To Pass and Score High in WAEC Mathematics 2023

How to Pass the WAEC Mathematics Examination

Here are some tips to help you do well on your West African Examination Council (WAEC) math test;

  • Develop your love for math.
  • Know how the test is set up
  • Get WAEC practice every day.
  • Find Out About the Past
  • Join a group and see how much you know.
  • Seek for Help
  • Go to the WAEC Tutorials.
  • Have an Easy Way
  • Don’t let social media get in the way.

Develop a Love for Maths:

When you’re passionate about something, getting it done is always your top priority. Make time to learn and solve math problems. Enjoy solving it. I like it. Embrace it.

Many students fail the WAEC math test because they don’t care about or focus on it.

Once you care about it, you will pass it.

Know the Exam Format student studying with a laptop and a book

There are two papers on math tests: papers 1 and 2. Paper 1 is about the theory, and Paper 2 is about the goals. They are sometimes used the same way.

In part 1, you should be able to answer 10 out of 12 or 13 questions. There are always questions that have to be answered, especially in section A. For paper 2, you have to answer all 60 questions.

If you want to pass WAEC math, knowing how the test is set up will help you study as many topics as possible.

Also, it helps you answer questions quickly so you can turn them in before the time runs out.

Get WAEC Syllabus

The Ministry of Education always gives the WAEC syllabus to the students at the start of each school year. This syllabus tells the students what they will be tested on and how to prepare for it.

It’s a sign of failure to study outside of what’s on the syllabus. Starting in SS1, the WAEC curriculum will teach you about a lot of different topics and how to solve them.

Practice every day

Math is a very useful subject. If you leave it alone for a day, it will leave you alone for a week.

Practice makes people better and lets them reach their full potential. Make sure you practice solving math problems every day. Use the Internet, books, or the exercises your WAEC tutor gave you to answer the questions.

If you do them every day, you will get better in two to three months.

Get the Questions African Student Asked in the Past

This is one of the most useful pieces of advice. It helped me when I needed it. I looked at questions from 2000 to 2010, and to my great surprise, I found that many of the questions I had practiced were still on the test.

Try to get the old test papers with the answers so you can use them to study when you need to.

Study as many questions as you can, because you may be asked most of them on your test.

Join a Group tutorial centre

If you always get sleepy when you study by yourself, join a group.

This study group is more likely to help you get ready for the test. The study group should focus on reading the course outline and doing questions from the past. If it doesn’t, run away.

Joining this study group will help you keep studying for your exam. When you feel like being lazy, the other members will push you to study.

Even if only one person is serious, study with him until you know how to solve the math problems on the course outline.

Solve Maths Past Questions

After you’ve gone over your textbook or SSCE notes, try doing these problems on your own.

Let’s say that you were learning about the simultaneous equation. You can now ask yourself questions, and then use the elimination, substitution, or graphical method to find the answers.

Don’t you use apps or other guides to help you at that time? You can check after you’ve finished.

Try to show the whole thing. Don’t take short cuts, because exams require you to show your whole work.

Don’t give up when you can’t figure out the right answer. Keep trying, and you’ll get it right in time.

Help a student studying at a table with books.

Most students find it hard to ask for help when they have a problem. They sometimes worry that people will laugh at them.

Your main goal is to get a good score on the WAEC math test, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

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If you don’t know how to solve a problem, you can ask your teacher or other students for help.

Tell people about your weaknesses so they can help you more.

Go to the WAEC Tutorials.

If you go to WAEC tutorials, you will learn a lot. You will know how to answer many of the questions on the old test. You will also know how to answer questions on tests and many other things.

Most of the problems you couldn’t solve on your own will be solved by your time in WAEC tutorials.

You would do better to go to the tutorial at your school or one that is focused on the test.

Attend and keep practicing to find answers to the questions you wrote down.

Don’t Skip Steps or Formula.

When taking a WAEC math test, the easiest way to get a bad grade is to skip steps to get to the answer.

In math, you get points for the steps you take and the formula you use. The final answer might only be worth 3 points, but your steps could be worth 17 points.

Each step is worth a certain number of points, which will add up to your total score. This will show the examiner that you understand the question and are not taking a chance.

Do the Easy Ones First

This one is used to answer questions that are not subjective.

Paper 2 (mathematics) is completely objective, and you have to answer all of the questions as quickly as possible. This is not the time to show how everything works; you need to be as quick and accurate as possible.

So, when you practice, try to come up with a quick way to answer each question.

Don’t let social media get in the way.

Exam prep is not always easy, but you should make good use of the time you have.

This holiday season, try to stay away from social media until you get what you want.

Now that you know some good tips for passing WAEC math, let me show you how to study math better.

How to Study for and Pass the WAEC…

How to Study for and Pass the WAEC in One Sitting
How to Learn Math for the WAEC
Here are ten (10) different ways to learn math. These are:

  • Don’t get sidetracked.
  • Revise your notes
  • Solve problems
  • Ask questions
  • Know how to do different math problems.
  • Join study groups and study more.
  • Relax and eat well.
  • Play against your friends.
  • Have a mentor


Math on the WEAC shouldn’t ever be a problem again. You have been given some useful or helpful tips that could help you.

The most important thing is to care about the subject. Try not to be distracted by school, home, or social media, and study hard.

During WAEC, your main goal is to pass math and make good use of your time. I hope you do well.

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