How Often Does Udemy Have Sales? A Comprehensive Guide

Udemy is a popular online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on various topics. However, many students wonder how often Udemy has sales and if they should wait for discounts before enrolling in a course. The answer is that Udemy has sales frequently, and it’s not uncommon to see courses that are originally priced at $199 or more reduced to just $10 or $15 during a sale.

Udemy’s sales strategy is based on urgency marketing, which creates a sense of urgency and scarcity to encourage students to enroll in courses quickly. This means that sales are often time-limited, and students need to act fast to take advantage of the discounts. Udemy also offers flash sales and holiday sales throughout the year, which can provide additional opportunities for students to save money on courses.

Understanding Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses in various fields, including business, technology, and personal development. It was founded in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the largest online learning platforms in the world, with over 155,000 courses and 40 million students.

The platform offers courses in various formats, including video lectures, quizzes, and assignments. Students can learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, making Udemy a flexible and convenient option for those looking to gain new skills or knowledge.

Udemy courses are created by instructors from all over the world, which means that there is a wide variety of content available. Some courses are created by industry experts, while others are created by individuals who have a passion for a particular topic.

One of the unique features of Udemy is that it allows instructors to set their own prices for their courses. This means that the cost of courses can vary widely, from free to hundreds of dollars. However, Udemy frequently runs sales on courses, which can make them more affordable for students.

Overall, Udemy is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn new skills or gain knowledge in a particular field. With a wide range of courses available and the ability to learn at your own pace, it is a flexible and convenient option for lifelong learners.

Frequency of Udemy Sales

Udemy is well-known for offering frequent sales to its students. In fact, it seems like there is always a sale going on at Udemy. However, the frequency of these sales may vary depending on the time of year and other factors.

According to SkillScouter, Udemy has sales all year round, which can be activated by opening a browser in “Incognito mode”. This means that students can take advantage of discounts and promotions at any time. In addition to these ongoing offers, Udemy also runs seasonal campaigns and flash sales throughout the year.

For example, in February, Udemy typically runs a flash sale that lasts for three days. In March, discounts are offered in honor of Education Month. During May, some courses will be on sale for Mother’s Day. June brings the Mid-Year Madness discounts, and in July, there are sales to mark the summer holidays.

Udemy also offers sales during major holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During these events, students can expect to see significant discounts on a wide range of courses.

Overall, it is safe to say that Udemy runs sales frequently throughout the year. Students who are looking to save money on courses should keep an eye out for these promotions and take advantage of them when they are available.

Major Sales Events on Udemy

Udemy runs sales frequently throughout the year, but there are a few major sales events that students should keep an eye out for. These sales usually offer significant discounts on courses, making it a great time to stock up on new skills.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest shopping events of the year, and Udemy is no exception. During these sales, students can expect to see some of the biggest discounts of the year, with some courses being offered for as little as $9.99. These sales usually last for several days, giving students plenty of time to browse and purchase courses.

New Year’s Sales

The New Year is a time for new beginnings, and Udemy often celebrates with a sale. During this time, students can expect to see discounts on a wide range of courses, from business and marketing to personal development and hobbies. These sales usually last for a few days, giving students a chance to start the year off right with new skills and knowledge.

Summer Sales

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun, but it’s also a great time to learn something new. Udemy often runs sales during the summer months, offering discounts on courses that can help students improve their careers or pursue new hobbies. These sales usually last for several days, giving students plenty of time to take advantage of the discounts.

Overall, Udemy runs sales frequently throughout the year, but students should keep an eye out for these major sales events if they want to snag the biggest discounts. Whether it’s Black Friday, New Year’s, or summer, there’s always a good time to learn something new on Udemy.

Udemy typically has sales of some kind every day of the year. Courses are purchased individually, so check the specific course you’re interested in to see if there’s a sale on offer. Udemy runs sales every year for a particular period, and here is the list of the sales packages they offer throughout the year

  • January: New year promotion Sales that have a sitewide discount on all the courses
  • January Month Ending: Udemy offers end of the month 3-day flash sale
  • February: Udemy offers valentines day sale
  • March: It gives a discount on buying more than one course, conveying buying more and saving more
  • April: At this time of the month, Udemy offers to own your education sale
  • May: Udemy offers Memorial Day sale
  • June: Udemy offers Father’s Day sale
  • July: Udemy offers Independence Day sale
  • August: Udemy offers back to school sale
  • September: Udemy offers Labor Day sale
  • October: Udemy offers Halloween sale
  • November: Udemy offers Black Friday sale
  • December: Udemy offers Christmas sale

Overall, Udemy offers sales about nine times per year, once for every important event/holiday of the year. Udemy also offers special discounts once every month to entice the students Udemy sends an email every single time there is a sale that may be of interest to you

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