Legit WAEC English Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Theory and Objectives)

The 2023 WAEC English Examination Questions and Solutions: In this post, I’ll give you free access to sample questions from the WAEC English Test of Oral, as well as the WAEC English Test of Objective. You’ll also learn the structure of the WAEC English exam and the best strategies for answering its questions.

In Nigeria, the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination is given in June/July, and the General Certificate in Education is given in December/January, both by the National Examinations Council (WAEC).

Answers to 2023 WAEC English Language Objectives and Essays

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WAEC English 2022 Answers

Note: These answers are for the WAEC test in 2022.


The most noise comes from an empty barrel.

One day in sixth grade, a boy named Daniel was in class. All of his teachers liked him a lot because he was so smart. Even though he didn’t take part much in class discussions, he did well on his projects. Bayo was the name of another boy. He wasn’t very smart, but he always bragged that he was better than Daniel. Bayo also makes fun of Daniel’s quietness and gets him into many vocal fights. Even though Bayo was bragging, Daniel didn’t care.

On a Monday, there was a quiz during Social Science class. Daniel and Bayo were both on separate teams. The questions were easy for Bayo’s team, but Bayo was the first to answer without consulting with his teammates. And none of the answers he gave were right. On the other hand, Daniel was sure he knew all the answers, but he talked about them with his teammates and let them answer.

The first thing Daniel’s teacher asked him and his group was, “How many states are there in India?” Even though he knew the answer, he talked it over with his team and firmly said, “22.” Daniel’s team gets one point. “What is the capital of India?” was the next question for Bayo’s team. Sham called out the answer, “Bangalore,” in a hurry. Because the answer was wrong, everyone on his team yelled at him. But he didn’t change his ways in the next round, and in the end he lost the quiz.

At the end of the question, his team walked up to him and said, “It’s clear now that the loudest sound comes from an empty barrel.”


The author wants kindness and warmth from the mom.


She was weak in mind and body and could hardly walk around the house, so she was always in the kitchen.


The passage says that the two signs of asthma are:

i) Gasping and being out of breath

ii) Crying out in a wild way


She ran away from the sea because she was sad, locked herself in the store, and laid face down on an old mattress until night.


(i) Adverbial phrase

(ii) It adds something to the word “died.”


The reason Grandmother got sick was because she slept on an old mattress that had been in the store for years.




(i) Dispensed – Gave

ii) Shackled – Limited in some way

(iii) Battled – Struggled

(iv) Draped – Covered

(v) Tired or worn out

(vi) The Constitution – Health



During the scouting years, the troop did the following things:

i) The act of cutting grass

ii) Putting air into bicycle tyres

iii) The act of cooking

iv) Being on guard at night

(v) The assault plan that the troop came up with.



You only have to answer one of the questions in this part. Your response should be at least 450 words long. All questions carry equal marks. You should give this part about 45 minutes of your time.

Write a story to show how the saying “Prevention is better than cure” is true.
2. Write an article that could be published in your school’s magazine about ways to get more kids to read.
3. You are the main speaker in a debate about the idea that our ancestors cared more about our cultural ideals than this generation does. Write why you agree or disagree with the move.
4. Your best friend just got kicked out of school for not being there. Write him or her a letter telling them how upset you are and telling them to start over.


Economics Answers from WAEC
Answers to WAEC Biology
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You can expect the following WAEC English questions on the 2022 WAEC test.

The questions and answers below are from past WAEC exams and will help you with your 2022 WAEC English exams.

In each of the lines below, there is one word that is underlined and one space. From the list of words with the letters A to D, choose the one that means the most opposite of the underlined word and also fits the sentence correctly.

Most African countries are poor, and only a few of them have……………
A. power, B. money, C. wealth, and D. influence.
Our farms grew more crops than they did last year.
A. killed B. pulled up C. gathered fruit D. gave fruit
Choose the best word from the letters A to D to finish each of the following lines.

If our staff hadn’t acted quickly, there would have been a fight in our school.
A. interfering B. stopping C. getting in the way D. invading.
The armed thieves looked for money in every room of the bank.
A. looked around B. trashed C. combed D. cleaned.
After each of the following lines, you’ll find a list of ways to understand it. Choose the meaning you think fits each statement best.

Ade is way too smart. This means that A. Ade is much smarter than most
B. He acts smart, but he’s not. C. He’s annoyingly smart. D. He acts smart, but he’s not.
Ameh really isn’t telling the whole truth. This means that Ameh A. is being praised for being honest B. doesn’t know enough C. knows more than he is willing to say D. isn’t telling the truth.
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Choose the word or group of words with the letter A that most closely matches the meaning of the word that is underlined in each of the following lines.

Idoko missed out on a great chance by not going to the interview.
A. lucky. B. bright. C. good. D. wonderful.
I hope the teacher will be kind enough to let us off the hook.
A. friendly B. polite C. merciful D. gentle.
SECTION 5: Choose the word or group of words from the letters A to D that best completes each of the statements below.

A good person follows the laws of the country.
Since he was sworn in as governor, A. with B. in C. at D. by, the governor has gone back to his city.
A. hadn’t been there B. hasn’t been there
C. did not visit D. had not visited.
WAEC English Essay Section A: 50 Marks, Answer 1 Only [Please Answer Correctly]

(1) Your school’s literary and debating society is planning a conversation about the idea that poverty, not corruption, is the biggest problem in our society. Write your reasons for supporting or opposing the move.

(2) Write a story for a national newspaper about how dangerous it is for commercial motorcycles to be used in our cities and how we can stop them.

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(3) Tell a story that shows how the saying “A leopard can’t change its spots” is true.

4) Write a letter to the minister of agriculture in your country about how to run agriculture.

Questions and Answers for the WAEC 2023 English Language Test
In times like these, the information below has been very helpful. If you follow it, passing the WAEC English Language Exam will never be a problem for you.

How to Do Well on the WAEC English Test
You can use the following tips to help you pass your WAEC English language test.

Have a goal and work to make it happen.
I am sure that you have chosen to pass WAEC English 2023. Next, you should make goals for yourself.

You’ve told yourself, “I’ll get an A on the WAEC English Language test in 2023.” But that’s not all. You need to make a plan for how to do it. Make a schedule and a big plan to help you reach your goals.

Get the recommended English textbook for the WAEC exam in 2023.
Most of the time, WAEC suggests books for the exam. But besides WAEC Literature in English, where you must read certain books, you can use any good English Language textbook to study for the WAEC 2023 exam.

Some textbooks are harder to understand than others. If you don’t understand something, you should get a textbook that will help you understand it better and make your life easier.

Don’t skip the English language exercises and examples you’ll find as you read:
When studying textbooks, many people like to skip exercises and even examples. We like notebooks so much that we could ask, “Can I read my notebook and pass WAEC English Language 2023?” Don’t be afraid to try out the Biology exercises. Take care of the problems.

Note: The above questions are probably not the real WAEC English Questions and Answers.

If you have any questions about the WAEC English Questions and Answers 2023, please leave them in the comment box.



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