Complete WAEC Syllabus for Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 2023, Text Books, and Topics

You must prepare for the test by studying the WAEC syllabus for Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting. The format, notes, and goals for the Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting exam are all included.

You must prepare for your exam by studying the Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting course. You can use it as a guide to help you decide which topics to read about. Additionally, there are notes on ideas that you ought to learn carefully.

Going to the farm without your agricultural instruments is like to studying for an exam without reading the Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting syllabus. You won’t be effective in the end.

Make sure to use the syllabus when you start your exam preparations.

The syllabus for auto body repairs and spray painting as well as the West African Examination Council’s suggested texts are included in this page (WAEC).

If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment area. I look forward to hearing from you.

WAEC Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting

Papers 1, 2, and 3 are the three required papers that must all be taken. The first and second papers will be composite exams that must be taken all at once.

Paper 1: will include forty multiple-choice objective questions that must all be answered in one hour for a total of 40 points.

Paper 2: Five essay questions will be included. Candidates must respond to any four questions within 112 hours to receive 60 points.

Paper 3: This practical test will last for three hours and ten minutes. There will be one mandatory question totaling 100 marks.

Schools must get a list of the test materials at least two weeks prior to the exam date so that they can make the necessary preparations and purchases.

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Alternative to Practical Test

In the alternative, the Council may consider assessing candidates’ level of theoretical proficiency with the practical skills outlined in the syllabus in the case that materials for the real practical test cannot be obtained.

There will be one question to answer for 100 points on this alternate test, and you’ll have three hours to do it.

WAEC Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting Syllabus

  1. Safety rules and regulations in Auto body repairs and spray painting.
  2. Tools and Equipment
    • Basic Hand Tools
    • Spray painting tools and equipment.
  3. Care and maintenance of tools and equipment.
  4. Materials for auto-body repairs and spray painting
    • Auto-body Repairs materials.
    • Spray painting materials.
  5. Type of metals.
  6. Heat treatment of metals.
  7. Oxy-acetylene welding and equipment.
  8. Auto body repair work
    • Minor auto body repair.
    • Major auto body repair.
  9. Aluminium panel repair.
  10. Plastic repairs.
  11. Spray painting:
    • Spray gun and accessories.
    • Surface preparation.
    • Type of paints.
    • Metallic paint.
  12. Auto body workshop business.

How To Easily Get Real 2023 Waec Expo Runs Answers and Questions

  • The repair of vehicle bodies by Alan Robinson (3rd Edition).
  • Fundamentals of vehicle bodywork by J. Fairbrother.
  • Practical welding (The motivate series Mac-Milan texts for Industrial Vocational and Technical Education) by S. Gibson.
  • Fundamentals of motor vehicle technology, chassis and body electronics (5th Edition) Book 1, 2, and 3 by Hilliers V. A. W. and David R. Rogers.
  • Bodywork Maintenance and repair including interiors by Paul Browne.
  • Automotive encyclopedia by Good heart-Willcox.
  • Auto body repair and repainting by Bill Tobold.

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