Can I Do Change of Institution On My Phone? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Can I Do Change of Institution On My Phone?

Yes, you can change your institution, course, name, gender, and LGA using your phone or at a cyber cafe via the JAMB portal login. However, it is important to note that you may need to visit a CBT center or JAMB office for the final submission. 

The process of changing your institution on your phone is the same as the one described above. You can start the process on your personal computer or mobile phone

Steps to Change Institution/Course on JAMB PortalHere are the steps to change your institution/course on the JAMB portal:
Step 1: Visit the JAMB portal at
Step 2: Log in to your JAMB profile using your email address and password

Step 3: Once logged in, you will be taken to the landing page where you will see all available services.

Step 4: Select “Correction of Data”. This is available on the side bar or on the Home page.

Step 5: Once selected, the menu item “Course/Institution” will be revealed. Click this.

Step 6: Once you select this service, a Transaction ID is generated for this service. This will be displayed on the confirmation page screen.

Step 7: Review the details displayed on the Confirmation Page. Also, note the Transaction ID displayed in a bold red font. The Transaction ID is useful for all future references concerning the Transaction. A copy of this transaction ID will be sent to your registered email address.

Payment for Change of Institutions/Courses at Bank

It’s equally possible to make payment for this exercise using a bank. To do that, follow the following steps.

  1. At step 5 above, you will see the RRR number on your screen like this 5303-6217-1299.
  2. Copy this or print a copy of the invoice sent to your email (you’ll find that if you log into your email at that stage).
  3. Take it to any commercial bank in Nigeria. They will pay in the amount due for you
  4. Return to your JAMB profile and log in.
  5. This time, locate “My Payment” by the side of your dashboard. Click that to open it.
  6. If required, requery the payment or check the status to activate the bank payment.
  7. Once successful, you will be redirected to the UTME Data Correction page
  8. Then, complete your changes and submit them. However, for 2020/2021, JAMB has limited changes to only CBT centers and JAMB offices. Hence, you have to visit the nearest CBT centers for the final changes or book appointments with JAMB.


FAQs on Change of Institution on Phone

  1. Can I change my institution on my phone?
    Yes, you can change your institution on your phone or at a cyber cafe via the JAMB portal login
  2. How many times can I change my institution?
    You are allowed to do the JAMB change of institution and course twice
  3. How much does it cost to change my institution?
    It will cost you two thousand five hundred Naira (₦2,500) to purchase the JAMB change of institution and course of choice
  4. Can I change my institution after Post UTME?
    Yes, you can still apply for Change of Institution in JAMB
  5. Can I change my institution without visiting a CBT center or JAMB office?
    You can start the process of changing your institution on your personal computer or mobile phone, but you may need to visit a CBT center or JAMB office for the final submission

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