Is The Viral “Hawk Tuah” Girl Fired from Her Job?

The ‘Hawk Tuah’ Phenomenon: Hailey Welch’s Unexpected Rise to Internet Stardom

Hailey Welch, affectionately known as the “hawk tuah” girl, has become an overnight sensation, leaving many both curious and bewildered. Her journey from obscurity to internet fame is as unexpected as it is entertaining.

The Viral Moment: How It All Began

During a YouTube interview with Tim & Dee TV in Nashville, Welch’s candid and hilarious response to a seemingly innocuous question transformed her into a viral meme. When asked about a move in bed that drives men wild, Welch leaned into the camera and confidently declared, “Awwww, you’ve got to give him that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thang, you get me?” The sheer absurdity of her answer caught fire, and the internet took notice.

Decoding “Hawk Tuah”

But what exactly does “hawk tuah” mean? It’s an onomatopoeic representation of the sound of spitting. Imagine hawking back, gathering saliva, bringing it to the front of your mouth, and then spitting it out with a satisfying “tuah.” Welch’s delivery and the unexpected nature of her statement propelled it into meme history.

From Meme to Merchandise

The meme gained rapid traction, and “hawk tuah” became an internet catchphrase. On June 19, Fathead Threads in Belfast, Tenn., even announced they were selling “hawk tuah” merchandise, with Welch’s approval. Their Facebook post read, “HAWK TUAH OFFICIAL!!! We are selling authorized merchandise representing the hawk tuah girl, so she is getting part of the proceeds. Get all of your apparel here!”

The Rumor Mill: Was She Fired?

Rumors swirled about Welch’s employment status. The claim that she was fired stemmed from a satirical article by the Tippah County Tribune—a publication known for its humorous and fictional content.


Many took the news at face value, believing Welch had lost her job due to her newfound fame. In reality, her employment remained unaffected, and she hasn’t reported any negative consequences.


Capitalizing on the Spotlight

Rather than facing adversity, Welch seems to be capitalizing on her internet fame. Collaborating with businesses and embracing the unexpected spotlight, she’s turning an ordinary moment into a cultural phenomenon. The online world’s unpredictability once again takes center stage.

The Blessing and Curse of Internet Fame

Internet fame can indeed be both a blessing and a curse. It opens doors to new opportunities, but it also exposes individuals to scrutiny, misinterpretation, and exaggerated narratives. Welch’s quick wit and unfiltered response have given her a unique platform—one she’ll likely remember with a good laugh for years to come.

What Lies Ahead? Only Time Will Tell

As for the future of the “hawk tuah” girl, only time will reveal whether this moment leads to lasting opportunities or remains a delightful anecdote. Regardless, Welch’s journey underscores the power of the internet to transform ordinary lives into extraordinary stories.



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