Why Is Prince William Called M8 By Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift and Prince William: The ‘M8’ Connection

Amidst her whirlwind Eras Tour, Taylor Swift reached London, and her first show at Wembley Stadium coincided with Prince William’s 42nd birthday. The royal family’s presence added an extra layer of excitement for both Swifties and the royals themselves.

The Intriguing Caption: “Happy Bday M8!”

Fans scratched their heads, wondering why the pop superstar would use such an unusual term to refer to the British royal. But fear not—it’s a simple and charming explanation.

Taylor Swift’s use of “M8” is a playful nod to British slang, where “mate” affectionately denotes friendship. In blending with the local vernacular, Swift showcased her camaraderie with Prince William, reflecting their longstanding acquaintance and mutual respect.

A Special Bond: From Charity Event to Selfies

Swift and Prince William share a unique bond that dates back years. Their memorable joint performance at a 2013 charity event at Kensington Palace, where they sang “Livin’ On A Prayer” alongside Jon Bon Jovi, speaks to their warm relationship.

The Joyous Selfie and Informal Exchange

Swift’s Instagram post featured a beaming Prince William and his kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, enjoying the concert’s vibrant atmosphere.

Her caption, “Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start,” expressed her delight in having the royal family attend. This playful exchange further solidified the friendly rapport between the superstar and the future king.


Prince William reciprocated the gesture by posting on the official Prince and Princess of Wales Instagram page: “Thank you Taylor Swift for a great evening!” This public interaction underscores their mutual admiration and the informal nature of their connection.

The Eras Tour: Electrifying Performances Across Europe

Swift’s Eras Tour continues to be a monumental success. After London, she’s set to dazzle cities like Dublin, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Milan. For those unable to catch her live, the concert film “Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Taylor’s Version)” is available for streaming on Disney+. Fans worldwide can experience the magic from the comfort of their homes.


A Testament to Relatability

Swift’s use of “M8” showcases her ability to connect with people from all walks of life, including royalty. It’s moments like these that endear her to millions of fans globally, highlighting her genuine and relatable personality.


What are your thoughts on this delightful exchange between Taylor Swift and Prince William? 😊


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