Do I Need JAMB Registration Number for DE Registration?

If you are a Direct Entry (DE) applicant, you may be wondering if you need a JAMB registration number for your DE registration. The answer is yes, you need a JAMB registration number to register for DE.

You must have a JAMB registration number to apply for Direct Entry. This number must have been acquired when you wrote UTME in the past. You will be required to provide this number during your DE registration.

Under what circumstances is the UTME registration number for DE required? Where is it avoidable?

1. Full-Time ND, NCE, HND, and BSC Candidates

A JAMB registration number is required if you are a full-time candidate for the ND, NCE, HND, or BSC. First and foremost, these candidates were admitted via JAMB. They must thus present the JAMB registration number that was provided to them during the initial admissions process.


Obtaining it shouldn’t provide any difficulties. Your JAMB admission letters, the official JAMB result, or the exam slip can all be used to track it down.


That ten-digit number has two alphabets and eight digits.

2. BSC, ND, NCE, HND, and Part-Time

Should you choose to apply part-time for DE, you will require your JAMB registration number. Without taking the UTME or utilising their JAMB scores, these candidates were accepted into their chosen colleges and programmes.

To convert their admissions to JAMB admissions, they must, however, complete JAMB regularisation. The body will approve a new JAMB registration number for them—or any existing ones—through this regularisation.


What JAMB now refers to as Part-time, Sandwich, and DLC registration is an additional way for part-time graduates to obtain a JAMB registration number. This was only recently made available to applicants accepted into these programmes beginning with the 2019 admissions year. Institutions advise candidates to register with JAMB following

3. Advance Candidates for JUPEB, IJMB, Diploma Cambridge, and NABTEB

If you qualify as an advanced candidate for JUPEB, IJMB, Cambridge, or NABTEB, you won’t require the JAMB registration number for DE.

These applicants are not required to register for or write the JAMB UTME. As previously mentioned, they are not also included in the sandwich, DLC, or part-time JAMB registration.


All they have to do is show their registration number or diploma application. They will select the IJMB/JUPEB/Diploma/OTHERS option when registering for DE. The system won’t ask for a JAMB registration number as a result.

4. Technicians and Registered Nurses/Health Assistants

If you are an environmental health officer, registered nurse, or health technician, you will not require the JAMB registration number for DE.

An applicant with an RN or 2-year diploma in health technology can apply for Direct Entry without a JAMB registration number, much like in the cases of IJMB and other diplomas mentioned above.

The CBT centre will select OTHERS as your qualification when you fill out the form. You won’t need to provide a JAMB registration number when using this.

In actuality, though not always, Direct Entry registrations need the JAMB registration number. If you are a recent full-time or regularised part-time candidate, you will require it.

However, as they would be registered as OTHER/DIPLOMA, holders of IJMB, JUPEB, Registered Nurses, Health Technicians and Technologists, etc., won’t require JAMB registration numbers.



  1. What is JAMB registration number?
    JAMB registration number is a unique number assigned to candidates who register for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).
  2. Can I register for DE without a JAMB registration number?
    No, you cannot register for DE without a JAMB registration number. You must have written UTME in the past and obtained a JAMB registration number to be eligible for DE.
  3. What if I lost my JAMB registration number?
    If you lost your JAMB registration number, you can retrieve it by visiting any JAMB office or CBT center near you. You will be required to provide some personal information to retrieve your registration number.
  4. Can I use my friend’s JAMB registration number for DE registration?
    No, you cannot use your friend’s JAMB registration number for DE registration. Each candidate must have their own JAMB registration number to be eligible for DE.
  5. Can I register for both UTME and DE at the same time?
    No, you cannot register for both UTME and DE at the same time. If you apply through UTME and later obtain DE qualification, the UTME can be upgraded to DE at no cost. It is a sanctionable infraction to obtain two application documents in the same year. Double/multiple registrations attract outright cancellation and prosecution

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