When Is JAMB Reprinting Starting ? Venue, Day and Time

Candidates will start printing their exam slips in order to find out the exam locations, dates, and hours as the UTME dates draw near.

Like with many other tests, the UTME typically requires applicants to print their exam schedules or slips ahead of time for the CBT.

By printing the slip, a candidate can find out the exam day and time in addition to the location of the test.

The issue at hand is when the JAMB exam slips would be reprinted for this year.

The printing of JAMB exam slips begins a few days prior to the UTME first day.

The printing of JAMB exam slips begins a few days prior to the UTME first day.

You cannot choose a specific day or dates that you will reprint in order to find out the date, time, and location of your exam. The board will not even make this announcement along with the UTME dates.

But based on past experience, exam slip printing often begins seven or eight days prior to the first exam day. The board takes this action in order to give candidates—especially those who will be traveling—time to get ready for their individual exam day.


As of right now, April 21, 2024, is the scheduled date for JAMB, and it is accessible. To print now, click this link. If you would like me to check and send it to you, we can speak.


Is it necessary for me to reprint on the day the slips are loaded?

Nope. The exam slip does not need to be reprinted on the first day that others print it. Put otherwise, it is not required that every candidate reproduce on the same day.

In fact, due to the volume of applicants, the website where these slips are printed may be overloaded on the first try. Then, when the server was released on the second or third day, some would only be able to check overnight.

Simply said, print off the page before to the exam’s first day. Additionally, you are free to take your time and print any day before your exam if you have verified that your exam date is not on the first, second, or third day.

The UTMe will be conducted at several CBT locations around the nation; you must bring the slip to the exam room. Make sure you bring the printed exam slip with you when you visit your personal center.

This is the only proof you have that you are supposed to be there at that time, on that date. You won’t be able to write your test in the absence of it.



  1. Can I still reprint my JAMB slip for the 2022/2023 academic session?
    No, the date for reprinting JAMB slip for the 2022/2023 academic session has already passed

  2. When is the commencement date for the reprinting of the 2023/2024 UTME Exam Slip?
    The commencement date for the reprinting of the 2023/2024 UTME Exam Slip is April 29, 2023
  3. What is the JAMB slip?
    The JAMB slip contains the date, time, and venue of the UTME exam.
  4. How can I check my JAMB result?
    You can check your JAMB result on the JAMB portal using your registration number and email address.
  5. Can I reprint my JAMB slip at a cyber café?
    Yes, you can reprint your JAMB slip at a cyber café or anywhere as long as you have access to the internet and a device that can connect to the internet.



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