How much is NECO Registration 2023? How To Buy NECO Form Online

Before applicants sit for the exam in their final year of secondary school, NECO registration must be completed.

There are two categories for this NECO SSCE.

The first is SSCE Internal, which is for candidates who are in their final year of secondary school, and the second is SSCE External, which is for candidates (private candidates) who are no longer enrolled in the educational system.

You will discover how to register for NECO and NECO GCE in this tutorial, along with the steps, specifications, and details.

NECO Registration Procedure and Guidelines for 2023

Before beginning the registration process, be sure you have read and comprehended these instructions.

Only the school registrar, principals, and owners are authorized to read and apply this procedure.

Eligibility for Registration

Only students who are in their final year of secondary school are eligible to take this test.

The June/July SSCE in 2023 is only for students in Nigerian schools. It is not intended for independent candidates.

Therefore, the eligibility requirement should be upheld by all principals, school administration, and registrars.

NECO registration is to be done before candidates take the examination in their final year of secondary school.

This NECO SSCE is in two categories.

One is for candidates in their final year in secondary school, and it is called SSCE Internal, while the second one is SSCE External, and this is for candidates (private candidates) who are no longer in the school system.

In this guide, you will learn about how you can register for NECO and NECO GCE, the procedures, the requirements, and the information.

NECO Registration Procedure and Guidelines for 2023

Ensure you read and understand this procedure and guidelines before embarking on the registration process.

This process is strictly for school registrar, principals and school owners to read and implement.

Eligibility for Registration

Only candidates in their final year of secondary school education are eligible for this examination.

The 2023 June/July SSCE is only meant for school candidates in Nigeria. It is not meant for private candidates.

So, all principals, school management, and registrars should enforce the eligibility condition.

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Registration Procedure

The steps for NECO registration for the Registrar, Principal, and Commandants of Schools for the 2023 SSCE are as follows.

Both offline and online NECO registration options are available. Manual registration is no longer available.

The offline entry of candidates’ biodata has taken the place of the manual registration process for NECO.

Before submitting student data to the NECO registration portal online at, schools are required to complete registration of students using the NECO offline application.

Offline Registration

The 2023 NECO SSCE applications must be installed on school computers in place of the previous year’s offline SSCE software.

Make sure that the offline application’s biometric and candidate data are entered accurately.

Along with this advice, recordable DVDs and CDs are also acceptable.

A copy of the offline application and a soft copy of the step-by-step instructions for the online and offline registration process are both included on the NECO CD/DVD.

The NECO website also offers a download for the offline application.

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Every school that wants to register candidates must print out the guidebook and complete the steps.

On a computer, the handbook can be stored.

Make sure that each applicant first registers online.

Online registration is for submitting data after payment, whereas offline registration is required to produce registration.

Offline Validation

Schools should make sure to complete offline validation after a successful NECO registration before making a payment.

Because the exam council is not responsible for registration problems today, schools shouldn’t fill out validation manually.

The reason why this validation procedure is crucial is that any faults must be fixed before data can be uploaded online.

Name correction is ineffective and only produces results between the years 2000 and 2018.

Since 2019, all name, sex, subject, and date of birth adjustments can be made prior to the online registration while the information is being validated offline.

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Procedure for Offline Validation

  • After completing the offline registration, all schools should ensure they print the offline photocards of all candidates and issue them to all candidates to confirm that his/her name, picture, state, sex, and subjects are correct.
  • Where errors are detected, they should be corrected by signing in the column.
  • Where there are no errors, students should mark the column.
  • Then the photocard should be returned to the registration center to enter all corrections in the offline application. Sometimes, some corrections will be done offline.
  • NECO council is not responsible for any error during registration committed by the school and only allows non-validation; the details have been uploaded, and payment has been made.
  • If any school requests to correct data such as date of birth, name, picture, sex or subject, they will have to pay a fine and indulge in the “NON-VALIDATION” process.
  • The fine for NECO non-validation is N5,000 per candidate, without minding the error. After every validation, validation documents are to be exported, saved and created in an external storage device or the offline application system.

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Center Activation

This is a crucial component of registration. Prior to payment and data uploading, all schools must receive NECO State Office and FCT approval.

Every time a validation is successful, schools must transmit the validation documentation to a NECO state officer who will activate the school for payment and upload it before moving on to the next registration stage.

The crucial validation documents that must be delivered to NECO State Offices are listed below.

  • Subject Analysis
  • Candidates signed Photocards
  • Validation List
  • Entry Schedule duly endorsed by the State Ministry of Education

Payment and Upload

Once a school has been activated by NECO, it will have access to the internet and be able to make payments online by logging in to with their center number, username, and password.

Schools are anticipated to activate the offline application following a successful payment.

By selecting the students who made a payment and clicking the “check payment” button, the computer system is connected to the login page.

NECO Registration Fees

The cost of the NECO exam for 2023 is NGN17,800 per candidate, although the majority of schools will charge an additional fee for other required registration materials.

NECO Registration Period and Closing Date

The 2023 NECO SSCE registration period was declared by NECO officials to span from 13 December 2023 to 30 May 2023, with the payment reception and final validation list return falling on 17 June 2023.

NECO 2023 Examination Starting and Ending Date

NECO will be held from 20th June to 6th August 2023.

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