Can JAMB Give A Candidate Two Admissions in CAPS?

CAPS was implemented by JAMB to prevent repeated admissions, among other reasons. JAMB was established to ensure that no student is admitted to two schools while other candidates are forced to remain at home.

In other words, JAMB examines how admissions are offered by each school and ensures that no one is offered admission by two distinct universities.

Let’s take a look at how the body accomplishes this.

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Once you accept admission to one institution, all other opportunities are lost.
As soon as the admissions process begins, each candidate can track his or her acceptance status. This can be accomplished by logging into your JAMB profile on a regular basis.

You will see “Admission is in progress” at times. Later, you’ll notice things like “You have been recommended for admission” and so on. In the piece alluded to above, I outlined these messages, their meanings, and their orders – CAPS: The system via which JAMB would admit candidates. However, at the end of the admissions year, you will be presented with a list of schools that have offered you admission, if any.

This is one of the schools where you wrote your post-UTMEs and passed or participated in their screening exercises.
A unusual school (one that you did not choose) is unlikely to admit you. Expect admission only from schools you chose and participated in their post-UTME/screening processes.
However, it is conceivable to be accepted by a weird institution. See the post “Given Admission by a School You Didn’t Choose?” for more information on how this is accomplished. “Why and What to Do.”

To return to my explanation,

If a school has offered you admission and your CAPS shows it, you will be given the option to “Accept” or “Reject” it.

Your fate will be decided there.

You are automatically a new student of that institution the moment you accept the admission, and you cannot reject such an offer later unless you don’t want to go to the school any longer or wish to delay.
Then, JAMB prevents any other schools from admitting you, even if you participated in their post-UTMEs/Screenings.

If you decline the offer

To begin, you are not required to reject an admission offer unless you have participated in or will participate in other institutions’ post-UTMEs/screenings. In other words, don’t turn down an offer unless you believe another institution will undoubtedly (due to merit or connection) accept you.
If you decline the offer, JAMB opens the door for any other school to offer you admission. The body will notify the rejected school that you have declined and that you should be replaced by another lucky student.
If you’re lucky, the school you want will eventually give you admission, and you can take it. You will constantly checking your CAPS status to see if you have been assigned by another school.

What is the exit strategy?

Because of the situation of admission in Nigeria, most candidates are open to possibilities that come their way. Most applicants have resolved to consider pre-degree, nursing, health technology, and hygiene schools, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge A’level, daily part-time, and sandwich courses – merely to escape home.

Meanwhile, some candidates are dead set on attending specific institutions and courses. Some support OAU, UI, UNILAG, UNILORIN, UNIBEN, UNN, and ABU. If you are one of these tenacious admission applicants, you must be cautious about CAPS and how you participate in the admission activities for the year.

Here are your thoughts.

You may have chosen four institutions in the UTME; your top choice should be your first choice.
You should only change your first pick to another school if you have COMPLETELY changed your mind about the new school.
Participate in no post-UTMEs or school screenings. Concentrate on the ones you want the most.
And, in most situations, it is the institution where you had your post-UTME or screening that will grant you admission through CAPS.


A applicant will not be offered two admissions on the CAPS for the same entrance year, unless the first offer is declined. However, because the same profile will be used for successive entrance years, an applicant can still be given admission on the JAMB CAPS, even if the previous offer was accepted.


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