Can I Use My Last Year Jamb Profile For This Year?

Many jambite want to re-register for JAMB. The query is, “Can I use last year’s Jamb profile code for this year?”is a result of Google Trends.

So many unresolved questions, such as: Is it true that you should change your profile code? Is it true that applicants must create a fresh email account? Is it advisable to disregard the previous profile and start over for this admittance year?

The adoption of NIN for JAMB registration resulted in numerous system adjustments. JAMB requires you to utilise your NIN to obtain your profile code, and the information on your National ID card will be exported for your JAMB registration.

Can I use last year’s Jamb profile code for this year?

Yes! Starting from the 2022 admission year, every candidate who had done JAMB or processed admission in the year 2021 or before will be forced to use the same profile used last year.

Therefore, your profile code has been tied with the NIN. And since you can’t change your NIN this year or next year, you can’t change your profile code too.

How Do I Get my Last Year Profile Code?

it is pretty simply;

1. Visit the JAMB Portal @
2. Log in to your last year’s JAMB profile using your email, phone number and password.
3. At the top of the page is a 10-digit number which is your profile code.
4. Copy that and proceed to buy your JAMB form.

OR Send a text message, “RESEND” to “55019” on the same line you used to get the message the first time. This will cost N50!

The JAMB Profile Code is the same as the old phone number.
To begin the process of receiving a UTME/DE Form, transmit a Candidate’s NIN in this format (NIN 87903457891) to 55019/66019. You will receive your profile code right away. This is a 10-digit number that will be used to purchase your UTME/DE form.

Some candidates obtained these codes using their SIM cards last year or the year before. If you use the same phone number to obtain the code this year, you will receive the same old profile code.

Is there something wrong with that? NO!

It just implies that you must have access to your previous profile. In other words, you must have access to your profile’s last email and password. And if you don’t remember the email and password for your previous JAMB profile/portal, it simply implies you forgot to link it up last year. More on this later!

You’re good to proceed if you can log in to the previous profile. Continue using the same profile for your UTME this year.

In fact, beginning with the 2023 admission year, candidates are hooked to the same email address that was linked to their JAMB profile the previous year, and the password is provided to their email and following the connecting, unless they have changed the password.

As a result, the old approach of changing email or phone numbers to update the JAMB profile code is no longer functional. To obtain any future UTME/DE, you will utilise the same profile code, NIN, and associated email.

But what If I Lost the Phone Line Used Last Year?

First, Your details are exported from NIMC’s database to create a jamb profile code for you. Hence; The phone number, profile code, and NIN are tied together.

Secondly, it is impossible to use your mothers’, fathers’, or relatives’ phone lines to get the profile codes. Therefore You must welcome back to that very sim card lost

The NIN used last year to obtain the profile code remains the same for 2024

When you applied for the UTME/DE form last year, you utilised your NIN to receive the profile code. This profile code was used to purchase the JAMB PIN.

As a result, your profile code has been linked to your NIN. You also can’t alter your profile code this year because you can’t change your NIN (which will remain the same for the rest of your life). As a result, if you email your NIN to JAMB again this year (using the same phone number as last year), you will receive the same profile code. Try it!

As a result, there may be no need to resend any NINs this year. If you need to purchase another JAMB, simply use the same old profile code. If you’ve misplaced it, you can resend it or recover it.

If You Have Lost Last Year’s Phone Line, There’s no need to fear if you don’t have the phone line/SIM you used last year or if you used someone else’s phone line to receive the profile code.

I previously said that the phone line used to obtain the profile code was simply a conduit for sending the SMS. The NIN was the actual thing used to obtain the profile code.

That’s why some candidates may utilise their moms’, fathers’, or relatives’ phone numbers to obtain the profile codes back then. It didn’t matter if the line belonged to a friend or family member, because he forwarded the candidate’s NIN to 55019/66019.

The profile code returned will be associated with the NIN rather than the phone line directly. As a result, the profile code will export your personal information from the NIMC database.

As a result, utilising a new line to submit the profile code this year will not work. Phone number, profile code, and NIN are all linked. You can still retrieve your profile code by using the other options described in this page, “Get JAMB Profile Code or Recover a Lost Code.”

Can I use my previous profile code for JAMB?

Yes, keep using the same old profile code if you must buy another JAMB

Does profile code expire?

NO, JAMB profile code do not expire

Can I delete my JAMB profile?

No, you can’t

Can I write JAMB without profile code?

No JAMB Registration Will not Be Possible Without NIN and Profile Code

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