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Except for school-related events in particular, same to you during the exam, there would be nothing to make me come to school today.

You are a handsome young man, he said to himself, exactly when he brought it to the side of the road, drunk too.

Struggling with the parts, the wind of the rainy season tried to leave the leaf from his hand, twice, his way to the edge of the wind road.

She is breaking the lemar, and he is breaking the way she is. So, the lema did not prevent him from getting wet, especially the front of his school uniform because of the parts of the wind blowing.

The young man is a long, beautiful mix. Many of the girls have been infected with love just from seeing his picture. He himself is often surprised by it, that the girls see in his body, and they even write it like that. He is the last creation of the young men of the world.

Well, but all when he looked in the mirror he saw his long and beautiful nose, his lips, including the white ones, eyes with black eyebrows. It’s not enough; it’s okay, you see, he smiled to himself because he probably knows he’s handsome, but then again, it’s not just his soft smile that melts their hearts, not to mention his laugh.

Since almost twelve o’clock on Monday night, the water, he also brought up, came this Monday morning, which is very important to the young man.

Today is the day he will start his final exams in high school, and then the university entrance program. That’s the dish on the surface of water and strong winds; they did not prevent him from coming out because he knows even if he stays at home, then some students will go and do it. If the test passed him, then she passed him forever, as long as it is another year’s arrival.

He cleared the water and started entering his eyes, and then he dried specifically the blade in his hand to prevent the wind from blowing again my bank. What’s more exciting for him, the road is empty; cars seem to have been cleared too. Few cars are there swirling in the surface water when it is full on the tarmac, it is full, they come with people, mostly most of them are workers going to school, except for a few market owners eager to find.

The young man looked at his watch; it’s already almost too late because at nine o’clock, there will be a hair examination; now, nine and twenty minutes left. Suddenly he made a decision; he just followed the path on the ground and left for school. At least he will be late is not better than a minute late, two, not three. He bowed down, rolled up his pants legs, son speed saturation, because all about if he will follow our small battles is of the surface water.

He started that’s when he saw the moon potato marsandi from there away from where he is at speed really. The tires of the marsandin then the water is flowing, spread to one side; that’s her make the young man get off the side of the road even before she reached for. Be careful not to spoil it with water.

Even when he went to the other side, he did it surprised to see the car left and the fire began to descend on one side, and then another; he saw that she was trying to stop close to it. Even before her car stopped to see what he put his heart Das! Yes!! Yes!!! Like she will tear open his chest and come out.

It bothered him because since he has never seen the moon a beautiful creature and a dish his heart did not beat except this time. At the right time, so the wind has managed to leave the blade in his hand; she threw it on one side, and it looks like a feather.

Hajiya Zainab Jumare is not happy with the situation of her departure. It is not on Monday for two reasons. First, there is nothing she hates in her life like driving in water, especially if it is said the surface water did not stop. Yes, two is the chaos of one between her and her lover, Dr. Sadi. Of course, not She did not wake up a little when the opposite happens. Dr. Sadi is a doctor at the hospital JUMARE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL.

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