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Tangamemen Gida iRin is a modern and captivating house, standing out in the entire neighborhood with its unparalleled beauty. It proudly belongs to a sitting member of parliament.

As I stand at the gate, fiddling with the lock in my hand, I notice a boy coming out of the house. I stop him and inquire about Safiya, his sister. He confirms that she is at home.

Anxious to see her, I wait until the evening before finally visiting. However, my efforts are met with disappointment as she doesn’t even spare me a moment. It hurts to see her interact with others while ignoring me, even in the presence of her boyfriends.

I realize that the only obstacle between us is wealth. The morning only values Naira, and as a car mechanic, I can’t match her expectations. I decide to change my appearance and borrow a car for the night, aiming to impress her.

To complete my transformation, I buy new clothes, take a shower, and apply Daki perfume. As I leave my house in my friend’s car, nobody recognizes the new me.

At her house, I request a phone from a boy, bribing him with fifty naira to get his attention. Finally, Safiya comes out, radiating beauty. I approach her with confidence, and she recognizes me as “Shuraih.” We engage in lengthy conversations, mostly about her, though secretly I am preoccupied with the phone I stole from her.

Time flies as we talk, and I manage to deceive her into believing that Dangote is my uncle, using lies to create an impressive backstory. The lies flow effortlessly, as I continue to spend time with her.

Despite my attempts to impress Safiya, I can’t help but feel trapped by my pretenses and false identity. Deep down, I know that true love shouldn’t be based on lies or material wealth.


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