Meanings of All Status Messages in JAMB CAPS 2024

If you want to know what “admission in progress” means, what “not admitted” means, what “sorry no admission is given yet” means, what “recommended for admission” means, and what other status signals mean, you’ve come to the correct place.

Now that everything is in place for this year’s admissions process, you should be aware that admissions are now handled by both JAMB and institutions. To monitor admission activities at all institutions, JAMB will employ the CAPS system.

The UTME is over! What Admission Aspirants Should Expect in a Few Weeks to gain a sense of the following steps in the admission process after you’ve checked your UTME result. It should also be noted that the same information applies to Direct entry admission applicants.

So, what exactly is this CAPS? What effect does it have on you? What are the options? How will you know whether you’ve been accepted through it? And there’s more…

What exactly is the JAMB CAPS?

The acronym CAPS stands for Central Admission Processing System. The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) designed this mechanism to track the admission progress of all admission hopefuls.

So, how exactly does it work?

The fundamental goal of this method is for the board to monitor your admission so that colleges do not deny you an offer when you deserve one.

How to Link Your Email to Your JAMB Profile for CAPS Access

JAMB provides you with regular access to your profile, allowing you to monitor how things are progressing between your preferred universities and the board.

First and foremost, do you recall creating a profile during the UTME registration process? You’ll need this from now until you’re admitted – and even beyond.

This is where CAPS comes in.

Individual UTME and DE admission seekers construct JAMB profiles at CBT centres when registering for JAMB. This website enables them to log in and access many services related to their admissions prepared by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board.

Now that you’ve got your profile, let me walk you through how to utilise it to access your CAPS.

Do you forget your profile details? See: What JAMB and Schools Do When You Reject Admission on CAPS. Password Reset for JAMB Profile
If you can’t access your profile because you lost your password, please reset it.

To access your profile, click the link below.
A new password will be provided to the email address you used to register for the UTME.
Copy the new password and use it from now on.
You can also modify the password to make it easier to remember.

That’s all there is to it.

Re-login to ensure that your new password is still functioning with your profile.

To access the CAPS, go to the dashboard and click on Check Admission Status. Then, on the following screen, click on Access My CAPS. You will then be directed to the JAMB CAPS.

NOTE: This CAPS link will only appear once the admissions process begins, not before. If you do not find it there right now, it is possible that the admission procedure has not yet begun from the JAMB end – please check back later.

What Do CAPS Status Messages Mean?

You must be able to read various notifications that will be displayed to you when you check your status.

The messages and their interpretations or meanings are listed below.


Some candidates report that their CAPS just have the word “Welcome” and nothing else.

Interpretation. More material can’t be displayed on your device. In other words, you should be aware that the page displays more than just the word “welcome.” However, if this happens to you, your device (typically a phone) would be unable to display the remaining information.

What should I do next? Change your device and re-log in. To check, I recommend that you use a computer (or laptop).

To see the page in the regular desktop mode, check the “Desktop Site” option in your phone browser settings. Using a Google Chrome browser will help in this situation. Simply check the Desktop view box in the browser options to transform your page to a desktop-like appearance.


This is a letter informing you that no schools have yet given you admission. In most circumstances, the institutions and courses fields will be unfilled or blank.

Interpretation. It does not mean you will not be admitted. It just indicates that no school has yet to offer admission. Not Showing (Blank) Institution and Course in CAPS? Reasons and solutions are provided.

What should I do next? Wait for your prospective institutions to perform a post-UTME or entrance screening (if they haven’t already). If they’ve already done that, they normally transmit lists to JAMB to publish to students’ pages on a regular basis.

As a result, you’ll be monitoring your page to see when it’s your turn.

Make sure to upload your results to the JAMB portal as well. This is one of the reasons you were offered admission but were NOT ADMITTED to the JAMB CAPS. “JAMB CAPS Shows “Not Admitted”: Is All Hope Lost?”

3. CAPS “Admissions in Progress”

Admission in Progress (AIP) status indicates that JAMB has received your name for admission but will need to verify specific criteria followed by the institution to ensure compliance with established norms.

Interpretation. Be delighted because this is only the beginning of your path to admission. I guarantee you’ll be offered admittance if you have this status statement.

What should I do next? Wait for JAMB to finish her work. Keep checking your status, and sooner or later, the notification will change to the following stage.

4. CAPS “You’ve Been Recommended for Admission”

This message is a guarantee that JAMB has received your name and that you should be confident that you will be admitted.

Interpretation. Your school has offered you admission, but JAMB must also approve it. If you do not meet the requirements of your original suggested course, the body may alter your course to another.

What should I do next? You wait and recheck till your message changes to one of congratulations.
CAPS “Admission has been approved”

JAMB and WAEC Past Questions and Answers: Your Guide to Exam Success
This is the message of congratulations you’ve been waiting for. There is no turning back once you see this warning.

Interpretation. Even if this mail does not specify the course or the school, you can be confident that you have been accepted. Other details may take a few days to appear.

What should I do next? Keep an eye out for notifications indicating which school and course you’ve been offered. Simply recheck your profile from time to time.

“Accept or Reject Admission” in CAPS.

JAMB wants to make sure you wish to accept or refuse the admission this time. This is a critical stage. JAMB does not want to admit you since you have lost interest in it.

This will prevent a student who desires such an opportunity from being admitted. As a result, they want you to affirm that you desire the school and the course.

Interpretation. Don’t play about with this stage. If you do not accept the offer, JAMB may remove your admission. In fact, unless you accept the offer, you will not be able to print the JAMB admission letter. Accept the offer if you’re comfortable with it, or decline it to make room for another student.

If you are offered a different course than the one you applied for, reading “Is it Advisable to Accept Another Course Than the One I Applied For?” would be quite beneficial.

What Should I Do Next? If you agree, print your JAMB admission letter and actual JAMB results and wait for your institution to update your list to their portal or call you for freshman documents.

If you decline the offer, you will have to wait and recheck your status to see if another institution will accept you. See What JAMB and Schools Do If You Refuse Admission on CAPS.

Interpretation. This assures you that nothing else is required of you on the JAMB profile unless you want to print the original JAMB result, admission letter, or change of course (if your school offers you a course other than the one you selected in the UTME).

Important Reminder

If the course assigned to you differs from the one you selected during UTME registration, you will be compelled to change courses. You will not be able to print your JAMB admission letter until you have this.

You may require this set of documents during your school’s documentation period.
JAMB original result JAMB admission letter


Both can be printed from your JAMB profile for N1000 (minus Remita fees). In addition, the course payment has been changed to N2500. The Remita Charges are not included in these pricing.

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