Junior WAEC Physical Health Education Past Questions and Answers PDF for (JSCE) JSS3

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Junior WAEC Physical Health Education Past Questions and Answers

One of the frequent questions I do get from students in JSS3 is – Do WAEC repeat JSS3 Physical Health Education questions? My response has always been – yes they do.

However, the way WAEC repeat JSCE Physical Health Education questions is a little bit tricky, and sometimes they do it directly. All candidates who are writing Junior WAEC Physical Health Education must know that JSCE secret lie in mastering past questions.

I do tell my students that one of the ways to unfold Junior WAEC PHE secret is to get like 7-12 years Junior WAEC Physical Health Education past questions. You have to study the trend and pattern of the questions, its occurrences, and then extract areas/topics WAEC Junior WAEC Physical Health Education likes bringing out in each JSS3 subject you are writing.

Examples of Junior WAEC Physical Health Education repeated questions 2023


1. In modern time, the main objective of Physical Education is________
A. building school for physical education
B. modern Olympic games organization
C. Modern scientific nature of physical education
D. to develop strong and powerful army
E. total development of human being

2. The ancient Physical Education was mainly for______
A. dancing. B. fighting. C. jumping. D. survival.
E. throwing.

3. Where did the first recorded Olympic Games take place?
A. Egypt B. Germany C. Greece D. Nigeria
E. Rome

4. In Sparta, how many years did a boy spend at home before he was taken to the barracks for military training?
A.2 B.4 C.6 D.8 E.10

5. Where was the 2012 Olympic Games held?
A. Cairo B. Germany C. London
D. Rome E. Spain

6. The following are Pioneers of Physical Education in Nigeria EXCEPT
A. Adam Smith.
B. Eze Achiugo.
C. H. J. Ekperigin.
D. lsaac Akiaye.
E. J. A. Adedeji.

7. Which of these is NOT a quality of a healthy person?
A. Ability to interact with others
B. Ability to rest and sleep
C. Inability to use leisure time profitably
D. Mentally balanced
E. Physically fit

8. The following are objectives of Health Education EXCEPT
A. create awareness of communicable diseases.
B. have the knowledge of first aid and injury management.
C. provide students and youth with healthy drug-free life style.
D. provide the opportunity for learning motor skills needed for recreation.
E. to acquire and practise desirable health habits.

9. The Olympic Games was revived by
A. Adolph Spiess.
B. Guts Muths.
C. Henrik Ling.
D. H. J. E.kperigin.
E. Pierre de Coubertin,

10. When was the first modern Olympic Games staged in Athens?
A. 1796 B.1896 C.2002 D.2004
11. When did the first recorded Olympic Games take place?
A. 776BC B. 676BC C. 576BC D. 476AD
E. 394AD

12. Sparta is often called the ______ State.
A. Air force B. Civilian C. Navy D. Police
E. Soldier

13. The all round fitness of an individual implies that one is_____fit.
A. mentally B. morally C. physically D. socially
E. totally

14. Which of the following is a health-related physical fitness component?
A. Balance B. Co-ordination C. Flexibility
D. Power E. Speed

15. The following are benefits derived from physical fitness EXCEPT
A. ability to make new friends
B. ability to perform more work and to recover faster from fatigue.
C. adequate energy to meet the different types of life’s demand.
D. development of personal appearance.
E. enjoyment of life.

16. The following influence physical fitness EXCEPT.
A. body type.
B. exposure to training.
C. heredity.
D. nutrition.
E. peer group.

17. Which of these components involves bending, stretching and twisting of the body?
A. Balance B. Endurance C. Flexibility
D. Power E. Strength


18. Muscular strength is required to perform the following activities EXCEPT
A. dancing. B. jumping. C. running.
D. sleeping. E. weight lifting.

19. In gymnastics, the following involve leg activities EXCEPT.
A. cat spring. B. caterpillar walk.
C. duck walk. D. pull up.
E. star jump.

20. The following are warm up exercise EXCEPT.
A. duck fight. B. frog jump. C. jogging.
D. long jump. E. press up.

21. Which of the following is NOT an importance of physical fitness?
A. It enables the body resist disease attack
B. Maintain good height
C. Maintain good posture
D. Prevention of early fatigue
E. Reduces excess weight and fat

22. Which of these activities is used to test speed?
A. Javelin throw B. Long jump
C. Marathon race C. Shot put
E. Sprint races

23. The preliminary exercise which stimulates the body muscles ready for the main sporting activities is called
A. competition. B. heat. C. track events.
D. training. E. warm up.

24. The following are skill-related physical fitness EXCEPT.
A. accuracy. B. agility. C. balance.
D. power. E. speed.

25. The peculiar characteristics contained in genes which are transferred from parents to their off-springs is called
A. attitude. B. behaviour. C. customs.
D. heredity. E. tradition.

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